eHarmony® Enters Recruiting Space

In today's ultra-competitive job market where hundreds if not thousands of applications are received for each open position, employers and employees alike seek ways to ensure the most compatible matches possible. Skills will only get you so far. Without a personality and culture fit, the marriage between employer and employee won't last. That's why the news thet eHarmony is getting into the recruiting business is surprising, but yet not entirely. ...more
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New Updates: Both LinkedIn and eHarmony Hacked

Reports that a hacker may have made off with 6.5 million passwords on LinkedIn are surfacing this morning. The story originated from a Russian forum, to which a user posted some encrypted passwords as part of a claim to have hacked into the site. A security breach hasn't been confirmed by LinkedIn yet, but sources such as Business Insider are suggesting that you change your password. ...more
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5 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Literary Agent Matchmaker

The Opportunity: Agents are hungry for authors and books to represent.The Challenge: Author only have 3 seconds to make a lasting impression on an agent. The Truth: More than 90% of authors get rejected – not because of their project itself but because: • they haven’t submitted to the right agent for their book • they are submitting documents that are in the wrong format or • what they submit is incomplete …so they never get seen....more

Let's Fall In Love (Or Hook-Up, Or Pillow-Fight, Or... Whatever) Online

Like thousands of people around the country this month, my friend Gina re-activated her dating site profile this January. “New year, new start!” she said, excitedly, puffing on a cigarette as we cruised the PCH with the top down, the cool winter breeze blowing through our hair. “I'm doing this new thing, too, called 'sober dating.'” “Not drinking on dates?” I asked. ...more


I am positively dying of laughter.

I really do ...more

Random Thoughts on Dating

It is difficult to date more than one person at a time if a) you already have a fairly full schedule and b) people you date aren't just No, No, No. I mean, if every date you went on was a total bust, then you'd just rotate through, right? But if you're interested in the person you are seeing, then you're cultivating that relationship while going on other first dates, and this is kinda hurting my head. ...more

I enjoyed this post. I'm experiencing my own dating angst right now though for different ...more

Let's Talk About eHarmony, Shall We?

So I've been back on eHarmony for a bit over a month now, and so far, this time around, it's pretty much Total Fail. Which is frustrating. Last time, my eHarmony story was that I met exactly one guy, and it was the Hunky Actor, and we dated for like a year. I also had other guys in the queue - I actually canceled a date after I'd been out with the Hunky Actor twice. The time before that, I went on a handful of OK first dates before I met someone IRL. This time, one month in: Nothin', Nada, Can you Hear The Crickets? ...more  Does anyone know how I can deactivate my eharmony account and hide my ...more

eHarmony falls flat

My best friend Sophie had a very Sex and the City-worthy week of dating in New York. She got broken up with on a text message, took home a bu sboy from work in a broken hearted shameful moment, and then drunk-dialed her ex-boyfriend from college. The next morning she calls me swearing off men again. So I suggest an alternative. “How about crossing your sex wires with some Internet wires and give the whole Internet dating a chance?” I suggest. ...more

Great storytelling. I felt like I was there. And most importantly, I related to Sophie.  ...more