Who You Calling An Elder Blogger?

I was at the BlogHer conference in New York when one of the panelists commented that “even” her own mother blogs. She called her mother “one of those elder bloggers.” Meaning, she said, “anyone over 50 who blogs.” I pried my gnarled fingers off my Underwood, slammed down my Ensure and quaked, “Say, what, girlie?” That’s a joke. I would never say anything so ageist, but I did gulp and turned to my daughter to ask, “Might she be talking about moi?” ...more

My years of computer savvy ,totals 30, and of those years: blogging, or stating comments for ...more

Elder Blogs: The Web Isn't Just for Those Young Folks

Say what you want about the young coolios wandering around the Internet, they aren't the only ones doing the surfing. The primo “elder” site, Ronnie Bennett’s Time Goes By: What It’s Really Like to Get Older has a an elder blogroll – and last time I checked there were 350 blogs listed there. For every one of them, there are dozens who don’t like the label and write in happy solitude. And they write about everything! ...more

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