A Sad Reality at the Supermarket Last Weekend

mysideof50  Thanks you! It helps knowing that she was with me until the end. She had been living ...more

I have what? When? How? Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel abo

Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel about that. Because I don’t think I do. I have Mama....more

The Forgotten

Light from the open fridgereflects her tears iridescent traces of years gone byon this dark night Empty shelves in the open fridgemirror her desolationhollow reminders of what life has becomeon this dark night  Chilled air from the open fridgeaccentuates her lonelinessstark indications of what the future holdson this dark night...more

The Resurrection of Respect

Another change of seasons is here.  It’s Spring.  Getting out and really enjoying the fragrances and colors of spring is invigorating and represents change.  Appreciating the change and all its newness means really being present.  Perhaps lessening the use of technology would enable us to be aware of our surroundings.Here are a few simple examples of civility, respecting the rights of others and simple consideration.  At times, cell phone sensitivity may be applied:...more

Study shows brain training can increase multitasking abilities in older adults

A study published in the Sept. 4, 2013 edition of Nature.com found that older adults (ages 60 to 85) significantly increased their ability to multitask with a brain-training video game.The game, called NeuroRacer, created lasting results (measured 6 months later) and showed the incredible plasticity of "the prefrontal cognitive control system in the aging brain."In fact, these older adults scored higher than untrained 20-year-old participants....more

Seniors and Sexual Health

By Dr. Kristen DillonWith increased age come some changes including, but not limited to changes associated with finances, family relationships, physical and mental health, and sex. Most people assume that as one gets older sex becomes less important, but this is in fact a myth. In fact, the importance of sex remains consistent throughout life....more


Money... Ever have trouble asking your family members for help in paying for dad's care? You aren't alone. Lots of caregivers, especially women that we serve told us that asking siblings to contribute to care is on of the most difficult things they do. One even said it was worse than cleaning adult diapers; now that has to be pretty bad! ...more

He's Not Done Yet: A Conversation With An Old Man

Emphysema.  That's what it sounds like.  Guttural and painful and ocean-deep and eroded by the tide.  He coughs and it sounds like dying and the cracks in his face speak of nearly a hundred years and he won't let me carry the chair for him even though he shuffles so slowly and I'm sure, if I held my ear against his chest, I would hear the sounds of waves slapping the shore and seagulls squawking hoarse. ...more

Six Tips For Communicating With Elderly Loved Ones

For many of us, caring for and communicating with an elderly loved one can be quite the challenge. Though aging is something we may have been expecting for a while, it can be a very uneasy process to watch our loved ones decline in cognitive and communication abilities....more

100 Words Replay 4

We loved seeing them every few days as they walked in the square outside our office window. An elderly couple, one stooped over a walker, is not an uncommon sight in this city - but these two, garbed in identical dramatic outfits that went farther than simple matching windbreakers, stood out. Some days each sported a metallic silver coat and jauntily angled scarlet tam. Other times, head to toe matching plaid. Seeing their spunky getups always brought smiles to each of our faces. We didn't see the two of them for a long time... then, one day, just the wife. ...more
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