Creative Aging and the Happy Life

I've been an artist all my life and I am passionate about creative aging-- engaging creativity with a Big C or a little c....more

It's Easier Not To Know

 My car pulled in Our Lady of Perpetual Hope and Care Nursing home parking lot. I found a parking spot that allowed me not to use the whole list of curses I kept ready on my tougue. The lot was full of obtuse parking angles and providence like this was mighty unusual. I was never this lucky to find a  parking spot with ease Something was wrong. I could feel it. The feeling of foreboding spread me as soon as I slid the car into PARK....more

Reflections of another 60 something gardener

From my good friend Fran Waksler, posted on my /website for women who are retired at ...more

Not your ordinary blogger in pajamas: Anne Cleveland is 84 and has been blogging politics for a year

But is she a BlogHer!? I couldn't find her in the searching I did but she does run ads so she should find BlogHer - or we should find her! Here are a few stories about this 84 year old former small business owner, Anne Cleveland, who blogs at An Octogenarian's Blog and appears to have a conservative to libertarian political slant (see here for example). ...more


Hi there, I was surprised, thrilled and impressed, over  the article you ...more

Beyond Black Friday - Shopping for Seniors

I didn't go out shopping on Black Friday this year but I remember the many times in the past when I did -- running around looking for the latest greatest, must-have, got-to-get-it-now gift for someone on my holiday shopping list.  But not once do I recall a Black Friday that included racing around searching frantically for a gift for one of the elders in my family.  In fact, they never said "hey I have to have this, that or the other".  They really didn't ask for anything at all except to hear from me or, better yet, a nice visit.  According to the ...more


I totally forgot to add books to the gift ideas under $50 maybe because my mom ...more

Aging-in-Place Design: Making your parents safe and comfortable in their home or yours

Many Americans are helping parents cope with aging issues.  If you’re one of them, here are some ways to improve their comfort and safety in accident-prone bathrooms:  Replace knob-style faucets with lever-handled f ...more

Barbara's home in the world! ...more

Attn: Seniors - You have choice in selecting your care provider!

Attn: Seniors and their loved ones - You have a choice regarding your selection of care providers.   I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your own homework finding out how the healthcare system works and what is available to seniors if needed. ...more

Hi Jamie

Thanks for your comments. Yes totally agree a person's home whether in private ...more


Recently my mom had her 89th birthday.  One of the greatest gifts she got was a visit from Sitella, her best friend.  Sitella drove over to be with us for the birthday celebration.  She's almost 80 and she and Mom have been friends for almost 50 years. ...more

Trying to Help your Senior when they don't want help! HELP!

Have you had this experience with a family member? Offering to help or get help for a loved one and finding that there is much resistance to it? This is a common experience for most children of aging parents. Like younger people, older individuals still want to feel valued, needed and that somehow they contribute something to world around them. ...more

I like the idea of interactive caregiving.  It's necessary and it certainly allows a person ...more

Sages, Crones, and Other Wise Ones

In my heart,I hold a memory. My Grandmother is in her early 80's. We have come across the state to see her, picking her up at her retirement center and driving her across the street for lunch at Applebees. She has ordered steak, and a margarita, and white wine. It is 11:30am. Grandma's hands are gnarled by arthritis, so I help her cut her steak. She weighs about 99 pounds these days, but she eats with relish. "Ummm.This steak is so good. Ummmm! Can I try your shrimp? " ...more

What a sparkling personality your grandma has!! She sure sounds very cool! It'll be nice if I ...more