Alzheimer's patients in nursing homes

Now that I am on the roll for the dementia… here is another one. The other day, I was having lunch with a friend of mine, Coco, and she mentioned that she is volunteering at an upscale senior center for dementia elders. She revealed how these senior citizens are treated. I was saddened as I can confirm with her on what I watched on the television many years ago. It is quite a disturbing news coverage, actually. A newscaster managed to sneak a hidden camera into one of ......more
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Knowing - Nursing Home Chronicles

  The nursing home Our Lady of Perpertual Hope and Care is changing hands someone  said putting  a pumpkin colored flyer in my hand and as I enter the parking lot. I look up to see my mother face framed in the last bit of sunset sun up in  stained glass window on the fourth floor. She waves to me from  the window. as I drag my  fibromyalgic and slowly responsive body across the parking lot.  The change over is all the talk in hall at the reception desk and in the elevator ....more