BlogHer Talks to Eleanor Brown

We caught up with Eleanor Brown, author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Weird Sisters right before she left on her month-long book tour. ...more
O.M.G. I loved her book!more

You'll Never Feel Like an Adult

I remember being young and doing the math to determine how old I would be in the year 2000. The turn of the millennia seemed impossibly far away, and the age I would be at that time seemed impossibly old. And yet here we are, twelve years after that magic number, and I haven’t yet crumbled to dust. ...more
I thought one day I would wake up and turn on the world news and know what the hell they were ...more

The Weird Sisters: Can You Ever Get Along With Your Sister?

Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters is the story of three lost women. Rose, Bean and Cordy were named after Shakespearian characters and raised in a household where the Bard ruled all. They spend their lives attempting to both live up to and defy the roles that where laid out for them. As all three are pulled home by their mother's illness, they start to learn that sometimes you need to go home before you can move forward. ...more
I really wanted to get on board with the narration (LOVED the Virgin Suicides!) but it didn't ...more

Get to Know Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown is the New York Times and national-bestselling author of BlogHer Book Club pick The Weird Sisters, hailed by People magazine as “a delightful debut” and “creative and original” by Library Journal. ...more
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(EXCERPT) The Weird Sisters

Haven't had a chance to pick up a copy of the BlogHer Book Club pick, The Weird Sisters yet? Here's an excerpt to get you started. ...more
Thanks for the tip. Glad this is out in paperback -- can't wait to read it!more