Geez, Another Holiday Party...By Myself

Yep.  The Big Holiday Season is almost upon us.  And there will be lots of parties for people of every ilk.  Work parties, client parties, Christmas parties, Hannukah gatherings, Kwanzaa celebrations, New Year's Eve (and Day) festivities, community events...  No matter who you are, you'll probably be expected to attend more than one....more

Living Your Best [Single] Life

I have a pretty good life: great relationships with my family and a fabulous circle of good friends, an active social life, good health, lots of travel, and I support charitable organizations with my money and time. I adore my 13-year-old Yorkie, Danny. Despite all this goodness, though, I still come across people who look at my life and feel sorry for me…because I’m not married.  (It happened again just the other day with a woman I met in the dentist's office.)  And I don’t get it....more

Readying Your Single Self For The Holiday Season

As soon as Labor Day is over, it seems the big holiday season is upon us.  And so the stress begins. Holidays can be challenging to just about everybody.  There are decisions to be made, plans put in place, and money to be spent.  And while this is true for everyone, many single people feel an extra layer of stress....more

Fab Friday Favorites: Lazy Beauty

I like the finished product, but not the necessary work to get there.  What I mean by this is that I want to look good, but I don't really like the beautifying process.  I like things easy.  So, the theme for this week's Fab Friday Favorites is Lazy Beauty...short-cutting the process to looking good. Hair...more

Show "Your Girls" Some Love

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide, and approximately 1 woman in 8 will develop it over the course of her life. Breast cancer is so common that most women know someone who has been diagnosed with this disease. Just over 10 years ago, my dear friend, Marsha Vaughn, died of breast cancer after an ugly battle that lasted a couple of years. When she told me the news, I was so sure she would beat it. She was, too. It seemed like so many strides had been made in its treatment that we just knew she would pull through....more

The Wife as Co-conspirator?

I keep asking myself, "What is wrong with her?" Why was she with this man to begin with, and why did she stay longer than five minutes?I'm sure some will say this is really none of my business, but I disagree. If it's in the news, on the news and every newsmagazine and talk show, then it's open for discussion.They say he's "engaging" (Barbara Walters), "charming and fun" (Lesley Stahl), and he may be, but is that enough? I see a man who is cruel and unbelievably self-absorbed. He seems to have no soul....more

Being Single, Around the World (Well, Really in Ecuador and South Africa)

The growing numbers of singles is not just a U.S. trend.  Many countries around the world are also experiencing a decline in marriage.  I love that readers of The Spinsterlicious Life are from "everywhere"...places like  Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, New Zealand, Peru, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, and the addition to the good old U.S. of A....more

Scents and Sensibility

I like things that smell good...but I have a love-hate relationship with fragrance.  It seems that I have a stronger sense of smell than many people, so I often smell smells at an amplified level...which can be a problem.   There's a guy in my building who wears so much cologne that I can tell when he's been in the elevator before me because the aroma is still there.  Ugh. Loud smells give me a headache, so I am drawn to those that are what I would describe as "light and lovely."  With that in mind, the theme of today's Fab Friday Favorites is Scents (and Sense)....more

In Celebration of National Singles Week...

Every other day until the end of September, we will feature essays we find particularly inspiring, from our Spinsterlicious Sweepstakes. This is fascinating to me. When people- who-don't-know-better make jokes about single women as "crazy cat ladies", "angry", ...more

Chicks That Trip: Solo Travel Can Be Fun

For many women, one of the downsides of being single is the desire to travel but having no one to go with.  Traveling without some or at least one of your favorite people can be daunting, but it can also be freeing and fun (see Lori's Cuba)....more