HOW, Exactly, Arizona Elections Are Being Stolen

Crappola. I want to be a regular old empty nest blogger and non-political writer, but I am cursed with awareness of events and the power that single voices can have. So instead of writing about Pinterest posts that serve as #ff or Follow Friends or Follow Fridays or Friend Feed or whatever the heck it stands for, I am writing about the theft of elections in Arizona and how they are being accomplished in at least one county, Pima County....more

Terrific Tuesday - The Election is Over, Life Isn't

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific to be able to discuss the election results sensibly.Each Terrific Tuesday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to discussions of elections past and present. Last week was the first Terrific Tuesday of  November and I urged everyone, no matter who their candidate of choice, to go vote. Future Terrific Tuesdays will deal with a review the Al Gore/George Bush election and loot back at John Kerry's political rally in Philadelphia when he was running for election....more

A Big Week

It has been a fairly momentous week both internationally and domestically.  More than wine glass of wine gave it's life on Wednesday night when the results of the American election came through.  I was very happy when Barack Obama was announced at US President for another 4 years.  I know he hasn't got everything right, but he does appear to be a man of integrity and he does have the interests of all of the American populace at heart.  Which is more than I am prepared to say for the other guy....more

Watching Obama Win. In Kenya.

Here I am in the our newly re-elected President's ancestral homeland, Nyanza Kenya, literally an hour's drive from his grandmother's home. I'm not all that surprised that I'm surrounded by Kenyans who are also rejoicing in this win. He's their guy, son of a local man risen to the highest heights imaginable. I expected this jubilation. ...more

Was Romney's Defeat a GOP Referendum?

Gov. Mitt Romney's failure to unseat President Barack Obama, with Republicans and Democrats still reigning over the House and Senate, respectively, leaves Washington as we found it before last night: status quo....more
I used to consider myself an independent until the Tea Party came along and IMHO some very ...more

my endorsement.

More women in Congress. An Asian. An openly gay official. My endorsement. READ MORE. *JIGS*  ...more

Tuesday: Barking at Pine Cones

November 6: A letter

   Dear President Obama,...more


Between the 20 emails a day the Obama team sends me and the 200 political ads and arguments I see every day on Facebook, not to mention the onslaught of television ads, I think it's safe to say everyone will be glad when this election is over. (And yes, I am crossing my fingers and toes and imploring the baby Jesus to make sure Obama wins because I suspect Romney is a robot and the root of all evil. That's not what this is about though.)...more

Election-day gratitude: Perspective (or) Nothing compares to W

It's election day, bitches! Woo hoo! Let's paint our boobies red, white and blue and drink beer in the parking lots of our local elementary schools!Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!Or something like that ......more