Feminism & Gender in 2008: The Good, the Bad, and the Election

To the chorus of kudos and thank you's. As in previous years, this is an excellent round up and ...more

Why am I so worried that Obama will be assassinated? Should I be?


I'm just gonna do my best to think positive and believe that all will be well.  We need him ...more

From Euphoria to Postpartum Blues

As I told fellow blogger Charles Amico earlier today, a week after the election I'm experiencing a form of political postpartum blues. ...more

Experiencing Grant Park on Election Night

I was lucky to be able to celebrate Barack Obama's victory in Grant Park on election night.  It was the most amazing there I've ever experienced. Read more about it here. ...more

Gay is the new black

In a statement released Friday regarding the passage of California's Proposition 8, which seeks to amend the state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and woman, No On 8 said the following: ...more

Equality And The American Dream

Equality And The American Dream…   ...more

The Election is Over – Let Change Begin ASAP: Using Obama’s Online Marketing Strategy to Get Results

“But above all, I will never forget who this victory truly belongs to. It belongs to you. It belongs to you.” –Barak Obama ...more

To Our Grandparents Obama, the Next President

Sadly Senator Barack Obama's grandmother died one day before his name was announced as the next ...more

Please Don't Vote

I know everybody is saying that you should go vote tomorrow but I don't want you to. Here are three reasons. 1) If you don't vote, my vote counts more. 2) If you don't vote I won't have to stand in line all day long. This is especially important if you live in my neighborhood. ...more

My Voting Story

This election has brought up many emotions and memories for me.  There are times and things that remember as if it were yesterday:  I remember watching Barack Obama announce and thinking he may ACTUALLY be president one day, just not now.No wonder I never hit the lottery!  I was in my kitchen feeding my children and in a great mood because of my new sales job.  Then there was the time I had a conversation with my f ...more

They had a ball yesterday. My oldest updated his myspace with pics and such.  He spent much ...more