Women Win War on Women!

Women Win War on Women!By Amy PearlIt seems that the multi-prong approach of voter suppression, attack on women’s rights and disregard for science boomeranged in 2012.Despite losing 2 Republican women to retirement, the 113th Congress will have a record 20 female Senators, the most in US history. All six Democratic women up for reelection won their races:...more

California Leads, But Ohio Rules: How I Saw the Election in Ohio

I spent the last two weeks before the election campaigning for President Obama in my hometown of Cincinnati (that’s the southern-most “C” city in Ohio – i.e. not Cleveland or Columbus), in Hamilton County. What would make me leave the 60-degree comfort of life in California to stand out in the cold of Cincinnati as polls opened at dawn? It was nerve-wracking, fun, and inspiring....more
so shocking to read..i voted in britain on thursday and we have a very simple system, it took me ...more

Election 2016: Top Five Factors To Consider Now

What might the United States political world look like in 2016? The predictions began to roll in even before 2012 votes were counted, with Vice President Joe Biden being one of the first to tease about being a candidate -- for something -- in that year....more

Two Generations Dissect Election 2012 and What’s Next for Women’s Rights

On election night, journalism major Maegan Vazquez joined about one hundred fellow New York University students over the beer soaked floorboards of Brad’s, a popular site for locals and college 20-somethings alike. Keenly interested in politics, she's been writing a terrific weekly column for my Heartfeldt Blog, titled “The Young Politica.”...more

Being told I couldn't vote

I blog at The Flooded Fishbowl and last night while watching the results come in I wrote about my experience being told I would not be allowed to vote. I do not usually write about politics, but this is different. This is about my right to vote. This is not about who to vote for, who shoulr win, or my opinions on views. This is simply about following through and making things happen.Here's a snippet: :...more

How I Discovered My Superpower at the Oklahoma County Election Board

Today I tapped incredible personal power and I’m still feeling a rush of good feelings from the experience. Here are the personal power principles (PPPs) I discovered within one hour at the election board: ...more

Last Words From This Undecided In WI: I'm Tired

I'm tired of hearing Tammy Baldwin screaming "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT", I'm tired of hearing Mitt's 47% secret video, I'm tired of hearing all the commercials, and all of the negativity. I am somewhat enlightened with the POTUS's Monday commercials urging people to get out and vote without slandering Mr. Romney. (But wait! The 47% commercial just aired again!) I'm also relieved to hear Tammy speaking in a normal voice and not sounding like a fishwife. ...more
@elaineR.N. It's over now. All but the counting. I did my part! :)more

Reality Check: A Women's View of the Economy on the Eve of the Election

Because this election is so important for the economy, women's equality, and the future of the arts, if you haven't voted yet, please consider reading one of more of the following on...more

The Personal Reflections and Confession of a First Time Voter

Here is my confession… I am a 33 year old woman who has never voted. Gasp! I know. I know. It’s a sin and a shame. I’m sure many people would seek death by stoning as my punishment. Before casting your lot with them, please allow me explain. Growing up, there was never any talk about politics. I’m not entirely sure about how I know that my Grandmother (aka Gran, the woman who raised me most of my life) is a Democrat. It may have come up somewhere throughout the Clinton years possibly but that is the extent of my political knowledge relating to my family....more

They Come for the Candidate, but They Stay for the Coffee

In political organizing we have a saying: volunteers come for the candidate, but they stay for the coffee. A volunteer may come into an office to make a few calls or assemble lawn signs because they believe in the candidate or are passionate about a certain issue. But eventually, the thing that keeps them coming back is the community they find within a campaign, the other people who — just like them — believe in accomplishing something much bigger than they ever could alone. ...more