Live-Blog Event: Republican Primary Debate #3 in Iowa

Once again, I'm thrilled to host this Republican primary debate live-blog. The in-person event will take place in Iowa, starting at 9pm EST and will be broadcast on Fox....more
8/12/11 - Just a quick update: last night, during the liveblog, around 10pm, our comments seemed ...more

Women Who Blog to Washington: You're in Time-Out

Hi everyone,I interrupt the planning extravaganza for BlogHer's annual wedding (heh, sorry, little Elisa-Jory-Lisa joke for the mind-blowing, fun, exhaustingness that is the last week before the conference) to share with you something really important: Terrific blogging by women on the topic of the national debt ceiling crisis. Evan as news comes that President Obama and Speaker Boehner finally reached a tentative budget deal yesterday, I'm still shocked and appalled the nation has been stuck in this position for so long and can't tear my browser away from it -- so I may as well share, right?...more

Hillary Clinton: Secretary of No When It Comes to Future Plans with the Obama Administration, President

Mayor of Pepper Pike isn't quite the same as Secretary of State, but I've been saying no to whether I'll run for that office since the day three months ago that my mayor announced his decision not to run for a sixth term (he's been in our city's government for 36 years). So I have a teensy inkling of what it's like for Hillary Clinton to be asked, persistently, about future plans -- and to say "No, I won't." ...more

She would get so much support for doing something like that, instantly I bet.


Inside the Conservative Political Action Conference

Each year, conservatives converge on Washington, DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference. Started in 1973 by the American Conservative Union (ACU), the event has grown to be the largest right-of-center conference of the year. This past weekend, more than 11,000 people attended and set a new record. ...more

I understand your concers about the social programs and have the same feelings about defense ...more