Dear Mr. Trump: Please show us your hand . . .

Dear Mr Trump-The reality gameshow you’ve been playing is finally over. As you’d hoped, nobody called your bluff and you’re left grinning and holding an empty poker hand. Even now, no one’s asked you to spread those cards out on the table and reveal what you have. Let’s take a look now, shall we? Let’s see what the people of the United States of America think they just won in the ultimate reality TV gameshow ...more

An open letter to my fellow straight white men...

Mike RobbinsNovember 13, 2016It's time for us to step up straight white men! This campaign and this election have exposed many issues in our country and our world...issues that have been there for a very long time, and although we've made progress on them through the years, it's time for real change and we're a big part of that....more

Arming Ourselves Against the End of the World

This week has been a difficult one. Not only for myself, still confused about the largest political upset in the history of this country, but for my friends, who have expressed legitimate fear for their own lives in response to the results of this presidential race.In general, I'd wait to speak out. There are too many emotions, there's too much information to sift through. But I can no longer sit idly by....more

The day after

This is mostly for my friends in Germany: Some of you have sent me texts, emails and WhatsApp messages last night and this morning. "The only good thing about this is, that you're coming back, now, right?", "This is terrible!", "Let me know when I should start looking for houses.", "We are speechless.", "Germany is in shock." Thank you for that! It made me feel a bit better....more

A lesson in politics this year

Our older daughter has been following the presidential election all the way back to the primaries and the many candidates who threw their hat into the ring for the 2016 election....more

How Hillary Clinton Won the Vote of This Former Deplorable

Spoiler:  It didn’t happen overnight.At 23, I became a single mother.  It was an ugly breakup and, as a stay at home mother, I was short on options.  So, I moved home with my two kids and went back to work....more

What a Trump Presidency Would Mean For My White Boys

This is the first time that I’ve been a mother when a new president is elected, and I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what that means. I have thought about what life would be like for my children if Ted Cruz or Hillary Clinton became our next president. I’ve thought through Rubio or Bernie taking office. I’ve thought about the impact for my children on their finances, their health care, their future families....more
Why are you so worried? Maybe because deep down in your soul you know that division is not the ...more

Hillary Clinton and the Long-Running History of Sexism in Politics

Hillary Clinton remains the likely frontrunner for the Democrats in the 2016 race for President. Yet Elizabeth Warren continues to become more visible and vocal as well. Regardless of who runs, if it is a woman, she will face a barrage of sexism and misogyny....more
jessc_traveler Yes, and now I am afraid that the "email scandal" Hillary is forced to confront ...more

Why I am NOT Ready for Hillary

My latest piece for Ebony Magazine explains why I am not "Ready for Hillary."  ...more

Election 2016: Top Five Factors To Consider Now

What might the United States political world look like in 2016? The predictions began to roll in even before 2012 votes were counted, with Vice President Joe Biden being one of the first to tease about being a candidate -- for something -- in that year....more