Is running a campaign like running the country? And is an entrepreneurial candidate what we want?

I’m struggling here. I’ve been pro-Hillary since 1991, but something I heard on Meet the Press on Sunday has shifted my favor towards Obama, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I want your feedback here. Does good campaign management forecast good governance? If both Clinton and McCain have gone broke, run weak messages, and had many staff battles, why would we trust them with our country? If I was a venture capitalist, which campaign would I invest in? But then, George Bush had a fantastic campaign…. ...more

No candidate brings everything. Management skills don't guarantee the right decision at the Bay ...more

Obama is the Establishment

Being a Hillary supporter is like being the person in the dorm who yells at her partying neighbors to shut up, because she's studying for a final exam. You know you have a good reason, but you’re a little annoyed at yourself for being such a pill. At the same time, I get very indignant about Obama’s snow job on the Democratic electorate. The "Yes I Can" video? ...more

I'm so glad Mark mentioned Samantha Power, as I wanted to respond to the comment about Morra ...more