The Generation Gap: Did it really go for Democrats?

My Blogher colleague, Karen Bojar, who I previously countered in She vs. Her, writes a rather interesting piece on the generational gap of voters during the recent midterms. Unlike her, I am actually a member of this generation and believe she misses some critical points....more

Social Media in Election 2010: More Than Just Online Campaigning

Now that the dust has settled after Election Day 2010, those of us who spend our days online get to pick apart if social media made a difference. The short answer: of course it did. You can no longer run any sort of campaign for any office without some sort of online presence. But this cycle it was more than sheer campaigning that took the headlines. ...more

Thanks for sharing this data. Online tools are vital tools for connecting people, and ...more

Women Voter Mumbo Jumbo or Just the Prevailing Wind?

Year of the woman? Bah. Maybe we had more run, but we lost seats overall. And Sarah Palin doesn't seem to be helping things. Most of the women she backed lost. What about women voters, who were so important in 2008? Let's get one thing straight: women are swingers. That's what the numbers say, anyway. And women swung right. ...more

I completely agree. Now to get more women in there!more

10 Most Memorable Political Videos on the Right in 2010

Take a break from looking at poll numbers and the endless predictions from pundits and let's recap the past top ten memorable videos on the right-side of the political spectrum, from Demon Sheep to Old Spice parodies. ...more

Week of VOTE doodles: Day 7

"I look forward to a great future for America - a future in which our country will match its military strength with our moral restraint, its wealth with our wisdom, its power with our purpose." ~ John F. Kennedy...more 2 Out Of 2 Lesbians Agree...

... that this sign from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear has the right fucking idea! ...more

Best sign EVER.

BlogHer Community Manager

BlogHer's 2010 Election Watch List: Races and Issues

Following all of our political coverage up to Election Day, the BlogHer political team has put together a watch list of races featuring women candidates and unique initiatives in a variety of states. We'll be covering each of the races on the Watch List all day Tuesday as results come in, and Wednesday as we get final poll numbers and write-ups from community bloggers. ...more

I'll second that! I believe conservatives want to show that women are dumb, belong back home and ...more


Women voters have enormous power, not unlike women consumers, as we've found out in recent years. As Donna Brazille says, "your vote is your voice!" ...more

Yes I did vote....had my children with me just like my mom always took my sister and I when she ...more

2010 Election: House Race Results We're Watching

UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF POST, NEWEST AT THE TOPStephene Moore (D) vs. Kevin Yoder (R) - Kansas' 3rd District [UPDATE: Called for Yoder last night]This race was previously noted on BlogHer:...more

2010 Election: Governors' Race Results in Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina

UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF POST, NEWEST AT THE TOPAlex Sink (D) vs. Rick Scott (R) in Florida [UPDATE: Not called as of 7:45am 11:20am Sink concedes, Scott wins 11/3/10]'s Sarah Granger called this race hot in late September and it's still as hot as ever:...more

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you anticipate the NM legislature working/not working ...more