Women's Rights are Always an Issue.

I don't usually discuss politics outside of my home. I don't engage in political discussion on someone else's Facebook page, and in fact I try not to write about it on my own page because it's too easy for people to say things on Facebook that they wouldn't say in person. Politics, like religion, are just too controversial. No one will change their viewpoints until life forces them to do so. We all have different life experiences that guide us towards what we feel is right, and it's just not worth trying to change someone's values. And, with some people, it's just not worth the argument, so I usually just let it go and avoid the controversy.But, sometimes, our very worth can be lost by not standing up for what we believe....more

Voting, Voting Rights and The Next Generation

 I grew up in a passionate tried and true family of Catholic Democrats. We were raised talking politics and paying attention to all going on in Washington. I often tell people " Remember Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties?? I grew up the anti Alex P. Keaton!" My husband grew up in a conservative home loving Ronald Reagan. ...more

I Had to be my Own Comic Relief This Election and I'm Still Giggling this Morning

Here are two funny stories about the last two elections.  One is about yesterday and one is about four years ago and my kids and how they interpreted things.  I promise I am very careful not to offend half of you.  You do realize half of us are stupid?  I am so glad it isn't you and I.I rolled the dice yesterday knowing that I live in a community of overachievers.I figured if I waited until the last minute to vote, all my responsible neighbors would be done already....more

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
If you were President of the United States, what would be your first act in office?

My first act would be to meet with my rivals and find out what it would take for all of us to work together for the benefit of the country in tackling and prioritizing our most pressing issues of jobs and the debt. The focus needs to go away from our egos and focus on the benefit of the country as a whole.The Patty Beat can be found at  http://pattyabr.wordpress.com and The Fearless Cook resides at www.thefearlesscookingclub.com....more
It would be nice if everyone could put down their partisan politics and work together, wouldn't it?more

2 Out Of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

Voting is totally sexy. Go out get your vote on!...more

"I Voted!" and other things you should shout at people.

It’s Election Day! Did you vote yet? If not…quit reading this blog and go vote!I cast my ballot this morning and felt all patriotic and proud until I realized that my polling station totally doesn’t give out “I Voted” stickers! Uh, excuse me, but half of the reason I got up this morning and walked through the bitter cold to two different polling stations to cast my presidential vote was so I could be all bragg-y to others on the bus who obviously hate America and didn’t vote yet. ...more

We All Have a Voice - Use It!

Today is Election Day. I do not usually blog about politics on this blog, outside of my Advocacy for preemies, for earlier and more frequent ultrasounds for those pregnant with multiples, and for pretty much anything that will help a pregnant mother and babies.  However, I do feel it is important to write about Election Day. ...more

A Little Bit Political

I almost forgot that today is election day. Not because I haven't been thinking about the election (I have). Not because I don't care about the election (I do). In fact, I already voted, by absentee ballot, last week. I almost forgot simply because we're at the Farm since last Wednesday night. When we're here, I have a very hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is. So I forgot, briefly, that today is Tuesday. The Tuesday....more

#Election Day Traditions

Do you have any election day traditions?Depending on what area of the country you live in, there may be different community gatherings to celebrate such an exciting day.Perhaps you go to a pancake breakfast.Maybe you go to a spaghetti dinner....more
@JennaHatfield I know! I'm trying not to think too much about the actual election. I will ...more

NaBloPoMo November 5, 2012 What are your thoughts about tomorrow's election in the United States?

I am glad that the hype leading up to the election is nearing an end. I live in a battleground state and my life has been innundated with flyers, phone calls, door-to-door volunteers, TV and Radio ads. I never told a campaign worker who I voted for because I was raised to think that my vote is my business and none of yours. ...more