Conservative Mormon reactions to the Obacalypse*

I have a lot of thoughts about the elections on Tuesday.  More than a few reactions myself.  Relief.  I’m so relieved that most Americans can see that we’re heading the right direction and have voted to keep going forward instead of regressing.  Hope.  I’m hopeful that since Obama can’t run again, the House Republicans will make their goal economic improvement, instead of one term president.  I’m hoping we’ll get some compromise from here on out.  It has certainly been lacking.  A lot....more

Why the Rhetoric Against the Successful Must End

Entrepreneurs are drawn to places with opportunities. For centuries, the place to make those dreams a reality was America. But the eternal optimist that was America is going through a down spell. A sluggish economy and a rhetoric against success threatens to unravel a society that long understood that the only way to lift yourself up is from your own bootstraps....more
@Cindyhuber@Lorraine Devon Wilke Monica and her father should have the same set of tax rules as ...more