My thoughts the day before Election Day!

You can feel the excitement in the air!  Tomorrow is Election Day and I am quite ready for it to be done with. I'm tired of the negativity, of the finger pointing, and of politics as usual. ...more

Election Day: Environmental Issues At Stake

I am not a fear monger or a worry wart. But as the presidential election runs out its last 24 hours, I fear that my security and the security of my children are at stake in this election. And I worry that, under a Romney administration, the environmental progress we’ve seen over the last four years could come to a screeching halt....more
Thank you for this great post. These issues were hardly mentioned during the election, and they ...more

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading Women

An Open Letter to Ann Romney: Stop Misleading WomenDear Mrs. Romney,I’ve got a story for you....more
very well put! A sigh of relief or women's rights.more


I Voted today!  I've never voted early!  I've always been skeptical of the process, unsure if my vote would really COUNT.Well, after working at one of the campaign headquarters, I realized that my efforts could be better served in another capacity on that day... and since I have the time available I decided to VOTE!On the day of November 6, I will volunteer in some way to help others evoke their right to VOTE!...more

Five More Days until Election Day and it's time to move forward, not back!

I can't believe that it's only five more days until Election Day!!  It seems like the Election Seasons are getting longer and LONGER, kind of like how Christmas decorations are out before Halloween in the stores.  I have to admit that I have not been as into it as past election seasons. ...more

Campaigning for Obama in Ohio

I arrived in my hometown, Cincinnati, Friday morning. After a nap and nice lunch with my Aunt and election co-conspirator, I reported to the Walnut Hills Barack Obama campaign office. I met volunteers from Georgia, Texas, Bakersfield, all over. I was asked to make phone calls, mostly to Obama supporters, asking them to volunteer. Then I learned out to use the database system....more
Yes. 1) Phone canvassing with straw poll voting for WWDC Radio in Nixon/Humphrey in 1968 as part ...more

Politics is as personal as every, day 7: The Gift of Sight

         I don't know when we're going to have another Black president.  I suspect it won't be for a while.  So I'm going to show my hand a little more tonight and say that our current president can serve our country differently than any of those who preceded him: because he is Black.  Not just because all the little White kids can now look at the Black kid sitting next to them and think, "Hey, he looks like the President!"  Or because all the little Black boys can touch their fuzzy buzz cuts and know their hair feels like the Pres...more

Politics Is As Personal As Ever, Day 1: Gas Station Greens

          It’s no surprise I take politics personally, I’m a feminist.  That’s one of the things we chant when we meet in the darkness of the new moon and welcome the crisp autumnal breeze as it blows through the hair on our legs: The personal is political, the personal is political, the personal is political....more

Politics is as personal as every, day 5: Stimulus looks like a 3 bedroom ranch.

          When the real estate market crashed in September 2008, Darling Virgo and I were in the same position as a lot of Americans.  We had placed all the money saved up during our pre-parenting years (working for nickels at rusty little non-profits) in what seemed like a sound investment: a small three unit building in downtown Portland in which we lived and landlorded....more
@JennaHatfield Hi Jenna!  I have been to the group (only once, but will go more).  In fact the ...more