Politics is as personal as every, day 4: Serving up fresh, local stimuls.

          When Hot Shot, our daughter, started kindergarten in the Portland Public Schools in the fall of 2009, guess what she got: a great teacher, a kick-ass best friend, and a morning snack of fresh fruits and vegetables grown at local farms.          "Fresh fruits and vegetables grown at local farms?" you ask.  "How is that possible?"...more

Politics is as personal as ever, day 2: Traffic

          Lest you think this series is going to be a long list of sob stories about my children's runny diapers, today I'm going with something short and trite.  But no less important, mind you.  Here goes:...more

The Demon That Still Haunts Us: Just Whose Proposal Will Win This Election?

 It definitely isn't over. A stronger Obama appeared in Tuesday night's debate on foreign and domestic policy. It was a town-hall affair this time. Americans were on the other end of the debate questions....more

I Was in a Binder Full of Women

There were many moments during the debate Tuesday evening that caused me to have deep concern for women’s rights, but it was the reference to “binders full of women” that triggered a flashback....more
Great Article! It is amazing that these things are still going on.more

The 2nd Presidential Debate - The Morning After

I wanted to give my take of the 2nd Presidential Debate before I got too into all the opinion from both sides. I wanted to watch it, think about it, and sleep on it because I think that the media puts too much on the things that aren't important and, in the end, it clouds the issues.There were many highlights during the debate which will be hashed out over and over and OVER again in the media, but here are a few that definitely caught my attention:...more

Remember Malala When You Vote

We are only a few days away from barbarism at any time. Take away our thin veneer of civilization by cutting off power and the technological basis of every aspect of our very complexly orchestrated lives and the result is far too often something like we saw after Katrina. But for some, there is no need to wait for natural disaster. They want to create the same scenario through malice or ignorance, and often a blending of the two....more

Making Choices that Count

Like many Americans my age, those balancing between the end of the Baby Boom Generation and the beginning of Generation X, I am both vocal about social issues and insecure about my financial future... especially in light of the current political climate. While I could spur much debate launching into a discussion over political candidates, issues, and ideas- or perhaps the lack of ideas, I am instead going to engage in a conversation about things that we can begin to change. First, let's consider who the Baby Boomers & Generation X'ers are: ...more

Why I (Usually) Refuse To Talk Politics with Most People

Voting (Photo credit: League of Women Voters of California)Do advertisements influence who you vote for?...more