Who "won' last night's Presidential Debate?

I watched the first Presidential Debate last night.  I was hoping for a strong, intelligent debate as both President Obama and Mitt Romney are intelligent men.  I was also looking for a definite winner coming out of this debate.  Not that it will sway my vote in November because I am definitely voting for President Obama's second term, but I know there are some "undecideds" out there that needed a winner to help them make up their minds....more

Hannity Makes Something Out of Nothing

Sean Hannity's "Bomshell" Draws Yawns - Huffington Post...more

President Obama Health Care Plan Has Started a Medical Revolution

Barron Medical Journal Reporting From National Institute of Health (NIH) Bethesda MarylandPresident Obama Health Care Plan Has Started a Medical Revolution...more

reasons I would make a terrible politician

1. I procrastinate.2. I generally dislike people.3. I have low tolerance for bullshit.4. I say things like bullshit.5. I don’t care who you love or if you have matching genitals.6. I really think people who have more should help people who have less.7. I like to stay at home too much.8. I can’t pretend to like you if I don’t.9. I am fashion challenged.10. I am not photogenic.11. I can’t keep secrets....more

The Media and the Election: Where Are the Working Women?

Both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's celebrated convention speeches last week highlighted their role as mothers rather than using the moment to discuss the issues women face in the workplace, including the pay gap. ...more

Stuck In The Middle

I swore I'd never write a politically based blog post.  I was wrong.  In a nation clearly divided down party lines, some of us are stuck here in the middle.  While the "conservative right" and the "liberal left" loudly spew venomous, hateful rhetoric at each other, the rest of us  are left feeling as if we have no voice in the political world.  Both sides seem to be insisting that their ideals are not only the correct opinions but the only possible conclusion any intelligent person could come to once given the facts.  "Facts",...more
Darcie echos my thoughts exactly. And yeah, the fact that we get to choose from only two ...more

Politics Worse Than Ants At Family Picnics

Because it's open season on the presidential election and almost the end of summer vacation, inflammatory rhetoric and family barbecues are both on "sizzle." Without careful monitoring by an attentive host, these can end in a conflagration. You have to learn precisely how to gauge temperatures and when to put a lid on it.It's also true for the grill.And unless every member of your family drinks directly from the same candidate's Kool Aid, you're going to witness a political argument in your household....more

What With DNA You Can Store An Entire Hospital of Patients’ Data In A Device The Size Of Your Thumb

 Robert Graham Ph.D. Reporting From MD Anderson Hospital Houston Medical Center Houston, TexasWhat With DNA You can store an Entire Hospital of Patients’ Data in a Device The Size of your ThumbYes it is true scientist and molecular biologists have long known that DNA is a nat...more

Open Memo to Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State

Dear Ohio Secretary of State:  ...more

Latino Voters: The (In)Visible Political Giants?

About one year ago, I was advocating for more mainstream news coverage of the Latino vote....more