McCain and Obama: The Politics of Healthcare

A new report is out about insurance and health care, and it's not good. If you think the cost of health care is high now, just wait...It's going to get even higher. Who would have thought that you could have insurance, and still not be able to afford healthcare? How is that possible? Only in America. ...more

I don't have a problem affording my health care.  I get covered by Medicare and Medicaid ...more

The election makes me nervous. Please pass me an eggplant.

I can't think any more today about the election. My brain is full. During this season of conventions and media debates, I have been a spiritual domestic goddess by day and a TV watcher by night. I bought a 9 cubic foot freezer. I have been buying vegetables and various freezeables for days now. My friends are asking me, "So, what did you do with tomatoes today?" ...more

Sorry i don't know that one in my last post x u Sorry!more

just a few questions...pundits?

Attorneys and writers have job security because there’s always one more question; the questions always out number the answers by at least one. ...more

McCain, Obama Have Different Views on Government Money Programs

Matthew Lesko is a best-selling author, appears regularly on network television shows, and travels the country appearing on virtually every newscast in the top 100 markets. His stage antics, as well as his sound consumer advice has made him a favorite guest on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno, Letterman, and The Today Show. ...more

Just My Thoughts

Wow, there is so much talk going on in the blogging realm about Sarah Palin, VP candidate and her credentials or lack thereof, her daughter Bristols pregnancy and the shock this nominee has given to the Obama campaign and so much more. Isn't it a wonder that we live in such a great country that we can learn what we need to about candidates before we vote? I am speaking of the issues, not personal family problems of course but that is par for the course for any nominee nowadays. ...more

Loving mother or appalling ambition?

Bristol's pregnancy isn't the appalling part of this situation; she isn't the first young girl to have made a poor choice and been "caught" and she certainly won't be the last. What I so find appalling is her mother's behavior. ...more


Why Do Blacks Vote for Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama? Must Read for ALL!

I think the Obama Campaign needs to do a better job explaining to the Media that BLACKS/African Americans vote for Barack Obama because he is a Democrat, NOT because he is Black. I watch the News for hours a day, and I keep hearing Blacks are voting 90% for Obama and that is some how reverse racism. The fact is EVERY Year, Blacks vote 90% Democratic! So the fact is, Blacks are loyal to the Democratic Party, not just Barack Obama. I am NOT saying that is a good thing, because I don't think it is, however that is the fact! ...more

Everybody's Talking About...

…Sarah Palin, and her fifteen year old daughter who’s got a proverbial bun in the oven. Let me just make it clear - I am not interested in politics, I couldn’t really give a toss who wins the election, nor could I care less about one scandal or another. But I do think that so what if Bristol (poor girl, what an awful name..) got pregnant before she got married? So freaking what? ...more

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Dr. Martin Luther King's Niece Speaks Out

 Alveda King, Martin Luther King's niece, speaks out about her famous uncle and reveals that he had strong political views.  No surprise there!  You might be surprised, however, at what she has to say. To watch a 4-minute video, produced by NBRA and NewsMax, just click here.  And for further eclectic, thoughtful, and sometime-surprising posts, check out ...more

Why I vote

I went to bed late last night. I decided -- against my better judgment -- to stay up and watch the speeches by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama during the first night of the Democratic National Convention.   Sure I could have just read about them online the next day, but there's something about watching the political mayhem live, at the same time as millions of other Americans, that makes the process more real.   ...more