Why I vote

I went to bed late last night. I decided -- against my better judgment -- to stay up and watch the speeches by Sen. Ted Kennedy and Michelle Obama during the first night of the Democratic National Convention.   Sure I could have just read about them online the next day, but there's something about watching the political mayhem live, at the same time as millions of other Americans, that makes the process more real.   ...more

Into the Minds of Babes

You never know what your children are going to say out loud at any given moment.  ...more

Our kids are always listening, even when we are on the phone and they seem to be occupied by ...more

BalanceBoost's Independence Issue on Wellness & Green Living

As the Founder of BalanceBoost Wellness & Green Social Network I invite you to read this week's issue of our Weekly Wellness & Green Guide featuring Blogs on Independence and Politics. Click here to read Our Independence Guide.  Here are the highlights: ...more

Zimbabwe votes in Robert Mugabe's (aka Dr. Evil's) "election"

"I'm with it. I'm hip. Taka-taka-taka-taka-taka..." I know this blog has been very Zimbabwe/Mugabe heavy this week, but it is a big story here right now and has been on my mind constantly. And I'm trying to lighten it up with photoshop skills. ...more

Finally: Nelson Mandela speaks about Mugabe's "failure"

If people are going to listen to someone, well, I'm thinking Nelson Mandela is a pretty darn good bet. And at his very own 90th birthday party as well. ...more

More Coffee, Barack?

So Barack and Hillary snuck out on the press last night for a cozy tete-a-tete. Wouldn't you just love being a fly on that wall? A tony senatorial door opens somewhere in D.C. "Senator." "Senator." In silence, two people walk into a beautifully appointed living room and sit down in armchairs facing each other. The silence lengthens. Then one of them says, "Barack, these heels are killing me. Mind if I take off my shoes?" "No problem, go for it!" Then they laugh. He asks her, "OK, Hillary, let's cut to the chase. I want to ask you the big question." ...more

The name on the piece of paper! 

BlogHer ...more

Election 2008: The Bottom Line

Defeating John McCain -- that's the bottom line this fall. Whether you were a backer of Obama or Clinton (or Edwards, Dodd, Richardson, Biden, Gravel, Kucinich or Vilsack), the door has now clicked shut on the primary season, and we as progressives need to combine our forces to achieve victory in November. With the stakes this high, we need (to use one of the sports metaphors pundits love) to keep our eye on the ball. Here is the resume of the Republican nominee: ...more

Is Obama for real?

Ok I listened to Senator Obama once again thinking perhaps I was too harsh and should give him another chance.  What do I hear? I hear LIES! What?  I must be hearing things. His grandfather was what? Oh it wasn't his grandfather it wasn't even his great grandfather, So 'who' was it? It was his UNCLE? and it was where? Oh pleaseeee...I'll let you read "his words" - I'm done trying to give this guy a shot. By the way, the Washington Post calls it a three-Pinocchio doozy ...more

Change Is Coming To America!

Tonight, Senator Barack Obama surpassed Hillary Clinton in the number of pledged delegates, effectively assuring his nomination as the Democratic nominee for President. I watched his speech from Iowa and cheered as he spoke of his gratitude for the people who have given their time, their money, their support of him: the grandmothers who spent time on the phone calling folks they don't know; people who are having trouble paying their bills who have written checks to his campaign for $5.00; college students who have given their vacations to stuff envelopes. ...more

The Day After

Pennsylvania has spoken. And I'm tired. Tired not only in the "working the election for 17 hours" sense, but also in the sense of "how much longer will this go on?" ...more