McCain's Menagerie & Kittens for Clinton and Obama: Pet Power in Election 2008

Super Tuesday has come and gone and the presidential candidates have moved into a race for delegates in the states that have yet to vote. Lots of humans have weighed in about who they think will be the best person to lead our country, but one question remains: who gets the animal vote? ...more

Congratulations Obama.


Annoyance, Perception, Perspective

Tuesday, February 12, 2008 Waxing Moon Saturn Retrograde Mercury Retrograde Sunny and cold We’re supposed to get a good bit of snow today, so I’m going grocery shopping early and THEN coming back to write. What is it about sending out a draft of a novel, even when you like and trust the recipients, that just makes you want to throw up? Or am I the only one who feels this way? And I just want to re-iterate how much I loathe writing the synopsis and outline. I understand why it’s necessary. It’s part of my job, so I will suck it up and deal. But I HATE it. ...more

A Tour Around The Health and Political Blogs: Taking on the issue of healthcare reform.

With more and more people uninsured in our country, healthcare reform is becoming an increasingly important issue. Voters are interested in knowing where the candidates stand on the issue of healthcare. Now you can find health bloggers and political bloggers addressing healtcare reform. Here is a quick tour around some of the bloggers talking about the issue of healthcare and healthcare reform. ...more

 Hi all- just wanted to comment ...more

Bloggers React To The Florida Primary and Disenfranchised Voters

Today was the long awaited, and highly controversial Florida primary. In the end McCain would defeat Romney, leaving Giuliani in the Republican dust. ...more

Hi Amy. It will be very interesting to see how this whole delegate thing shakes out. Over 1.5 ...more

Spin Doctoring Spirituality - Religious Prejudice and Politics 2008

Politics is making a mess on the religious landscape. The tangling of issues and religion are getting so complex that it takes more than an industrial strength de-tangler to sort them out. The stakes are high in this new political battleground. Rumors are flying, innuendos are being whispered and dirty tricks are being played. All in the name of "faith". Spin doctors have found another piece of turf to pollute, based on the discovery that the religious Christian right (30% of Bush's support system) was largely undecided in this race. ...more

Fantastic post, Mata! I hadn't heard about the Romney mailer until now. I can't believe it. ...more

It's Not Over Till It's Over

[Originally posted on] New Hampshire has spoken. Now the action moves to Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina. In the meantime, here's my Quote of the Day -- highly appropriate no matter who you're voting for: "Up until now, about half of 1 percent of Americans have voted. Ninety-nine percent plus have not voted. And those 99 percent deserve to have their voices heard because we have had too much in America of people's voices not being heard." -- John Edwards. ...more

Thanks so much for responding to my election post! :-)

You have a beautiful blog; I have my ...more

New Hampshire: Vote and Sing!

We’re Voting In New Hampshire (to tune of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire”) -- Linda Courtemanche, 1/8/2008. From: Meet Barack and Hillary, Edwards, Paul and Huckabee Richardson, McCain, and Romney, Giuliani too -- Gravel and Kucinich slow, Fred Thompson from “L&O,” Alan Keyes and Duncan Hunter, and John Cox (John WHO?) Biden and Chris Dodd are gone, all the rest are pushing on -- Shmoozing voters with no rest, telling you that they’re the best Dixville Notch gets spotlight, for their vote at midnight -- ...more

Is America Ready for a Woman President?

Please, do not mistake any of what I am about to say for any sort of endorsement of Hillary Clinton whatsoever. This is not about Hillary. The question of whether Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Dole or Nancy Pelosi is prepared to be our "Iron Lady of Politics" is another issue altogether. You'll hear it at parties, you'll see it alluded to in blog posts and political cartoons. Everybody suspects it is something the political strategists ask themselves behind closed doors. It's only happened on television. The question is "Is America Ready for a Woman President?" ...more

America, though she is not perfect, does have her advantages from all the countries listed in ...more

Sixth GOP Debate Highlights

Republican presidential candidates went head to head in the sixth GOP debate on Tuesday. The two-hour debate was held at the Univeristy of Michigan in Dearborn, and aired on CNBC. It was rebroadcasted on MSNBC later that night. ...more