Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday here in Oklahoma. I really can't wait till this stupid election is over, mainly to have different news to watch. I'm already tired of the commercials and every single news program is nothing but election stuff. The main thing I'm ready to end are the phone calls. They come every single day, several times a day, Sunday's included. Yesterday, when I got home from a very long day at the office I checked our phone messages which usually area NONE. There were no less than six messages, one was a message we needed....more

Save It for Later Saturday: The election, conflict resolution, and reassurance

In Save It for Later Saturday you’re getting a brief run-down of the stand-outs from my week's "Read Later" list.  This week during one of our dinner conversations, my daughters fired off questions about the presidential election.  The questions were not difficult to answer.  I understand the electoral process.  But the questions were difficult for me to clearly answer in a way that was meaningful to them.  There’s a lot t...more

Coming to TN in 2014: The Abortion Debate

On Friday, the Tennessee House voted to put an amendment regarding abortion on the ballot for 2014. Per the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:...more

A Born Leader

A Born Leader? by Lianne Castelino There are undoubtedly a host of definitions for what one considers a leader.  It's been on my mind a lot lately as we move towards a 5th federal election in the last 7 years in Canada.  ...more

Why Don't More Women Run for Elected Office?

Apparently 2010 was the year of the woman. I didn’t feel that jolt I thought I’d feel upon this triumphant event. I’m not looking for an estrogen fest on Capitol Hill and let it be known that when it comes to getting women up on high, my concern isn’t which side of the aisle does this woman fall on; my concern is if she smart. Does she want smart woman to succeed? Does she want to lift up other women to follow in her footsteps? ...more
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Michelle Bachmann To Run For President, Queen of Your Universe

Adlai Stevenson once famously said that in America, anyone could be President, it's the chance you take. Michelle Bachmann, it seems, is determined to prove him right. So watch out closet Communists, today she announced that, at some point in the near future, she intends to form up an exploratory committee and make a run at being the leader of the free world. ...more

Sunglass Princess I stumbled upon your blogs today. You are mistaken to claim that one errant ...more

Constituency Services Part 2: My Experience Re: Contacting My Legislators

Faith in My Country I'm neither a gullible nor particularly trusting individual when it comes to strangers, sales pitches or concepts outside of my...more

What The Election Of 2010 Means For Green: Not Much, by Shari Shapiro

As a self-proclaimed East Coast liberal intellectual who drinks Starbucks Grande Nonfat Decaf Lattes on a regular basis, I woke up this morning after the Mid-term elections of 2010 with a heavy heart.  I thought to myself, as I took public transportation to my office from my energy efficient townhouse in Center City Philadelphia, what will happen to environmental policy in this country? Now that the Republicans have the majority of the House, and spooked the pants off my latte-drinking bretheren on the left, has the green revolution bee...more

On Choice, in Honor of Election Day

My older twin, Dulce, wants the brown hat.  No, now she wants the pink hat.  Now she wants no hat, but she definitely wants a coat - the green coat.  No, not the green coat, but the polka-dotted coat with buttons.  We make similar personal choices everyday as adults.  We don't think about them anymore because choosing is our right and our habit - so that when I matched my black top to my jeans and heels, the clothing choices didn't register in my mind.  When I ordered my Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, the hundreds of other drink...more