In Iran's Election, it's Zahra's Time

by Chris Lombardi ...more

Special Election

I consider myself to be a firm believer and executer of the Democratic Way. I not only look at things from both sides (I can't help it even if I don't want to, I HAVE to), but sometimes I end up looking at them from as many sides as a 3 dimensional cube. It is amazing to see that quite a few things that so many things people think are very clear and even "black and white" are really in so many various shades of grey and have multiple sides, versions, outcomes that just get pushed by the wayside when you only think 1 dimensionally. ...more

The Republican Jihad

We could learn something from the Republicans on exploitation of the media.  When I watch the US media I see why many countries regulate their press and sometimes censor them.  I don’t think censorship should be necessary for a professional news agency, but I think I could make the case for it. ...more

Travelers and Citizen Diplomats: Your Job Just Got Easier

I've said it before - I've never bought into the Obamessiah stuff that got thrown around during the election and I'd have been content with Hilary as the prez. I'm delighted that's she's the choice for Sect'y of State - in spite of their flaws, the Clintons were oh so popular amongst my overseas pals and Bill has established quite the international presence with his work. But I found myself dizzy with joy while watching the inauguration. ...more

A random guy came up to us on the street in Paris this weekend. He had heard our American ...more

I voted against proposition 8, and I am very proud of it!

I voted 'No' on Proposition 8 on the recent election, and I am proud of my decision. I believe all individuals have the right to decide who they want to marry. Just to give a little background on Proposition 8, “Proposition 8 was a California ...more

Obama Generation: Working Hard Until Your Change Comes

Obama Generation: Working Hard Until Your Change Comes Yesterday a friend sent me an article that was published in the Washington Post ( ...more


I am a good person to call if you are taking a poll. I will usually answer all of your questions honestly and concisely. And I think general polls are a good thing, as I have mentioned on my blog before, if I don't tell them how I like something, how will they know to do it my way? ...more

Election 2008: Who Really Won?

Barack Obama was not the only winner in this year’s election. Neither were African-Americans. Or democrats. On November 4, 2008, the world witnessed the electoral process of the United States in all its glory! From this day forward, children of every race, male and female, will grow up believing in the promise of opportunity. We didn’t see a woman ascend to the presidency or the vice-presidency, but we can still chalk up a victory. The idea of a woman running for higher office is no longer the stuff of fiction. ...more

Planning History

   Eleven months ago, Hillary kicked off the primaries by winning New Hampshire on my 26th birthday. Glee would be an understatement of my mood that night. Not only was I watching my idol taking her first step toward the White House, but I had been caught off-guard by a surprise pajama birthday party thrown for me by my fiancé. Everything was in place. ...more

What a wonderful post! Congratulations in learning to define and find happiness on your own ...more

The election. WE DID IT!!!

As the polls were about to start closing and the long-awaited numbers finally be revealed, I was experiencing the combination of excitement and dread I remember feeling when someone I was seeing said, "We have to talk." "Too close to call," we heard from TV commentators. The states we'd been told would be predictors weren't definitive. The people who calculate how each candidate could get the 270 needed electoral votes were waffling, making it impossible to breathe normally. ...more