Equality And The American Dream

Equality And The American Dream…   ...more

My friend H

No news still, as the world is crying for change, my friend will go through the biggest change of all, if she hasn't already. She has kept me at arm's length while being ill. It reminds me of my father; nobody should know he was ill, but he was home all day, not working. I'm not sure it is the way to go. Today I got a transitional robe. A Japanese wedding coat, an uchikake. It is the most beautiful garment imaginable, strewn with cherry blossoms. So many transitions. Change, as a phenomena, is the only thing we know will happen. ...more

Change Has Come....


Tears of Joy

Hard to believe, I know, but I am a pretty emotional, weepy woman. Yes, I even cry when flipping through the channels and happen to catch a dramatic scene in a movie in which I have no idea what is happening. So it will be no surprise that I cried last night when Obama won. I cried while I bubbled in my ballot. (Finally a paper trail for my vote.) I cried when I drove by a group of college students standing in the rain at an intersection by my house at around five o’clock waving Obama signs. I cried when I honked my horn and heard other drivers’ honk theirs. ...more

I am so looking forward to going to the movies again!

I was thinking of a metaphor that ...more

You Can Do It! Yes, You Can! Your Adventure Starts Here

In these first few hours following the most amazing presidential election in my lifetime (in the history of this country!) I am stuck on the thought that no matter what you want out of life, it is do-able. Dreams do become reality. So today, while the hum of possibility still electrifies the air, think about what inspires you. Think about the adventurous path you want to follow. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you want to accomplish in life. Tack it to your refrigerator, look at it everyday and say to yourself, "I can do it, yes I can!" ...more

President Obama and North Carolina

Barack Obama has been elected President of the United States and North Carolina has not yet been called. Mecklenberg county (Charlotte) is still processing votes and Buncombe County is having computer problems and is not yet reported. According to the Citizen Times newspaper Buncombe has gone for Obama in numbers that may be big enough to turn this state blue. We will likely not know for sure until later tonight or even tomorrow. ...more

Election Day Ball of Nerves!

I am totally at loose ends today.  ...more

Reducing Election Day Stress and Anxiety.

By now, if you are like me, your election stress level is through the roof. But, it's time to let go of your stress. Once you have placed your vote, the outcome is out of your hands (let's face it, it was never in our hands). So, why worry about something that you will not be able to change? Regardless of the outcome, you will wake-up tomorrow morning, and your life will go on as it always has. ...more


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I Believe

You made a believer out of me, boy, you made a believer out of me.This refrain from a song has been playing throughout my mind today. Only – let’s substitute the name Obama for the word boy. You made a believer out of me, Obama, you made a believer out of me. ...more

So this is it

Really. This is it.  In a few short hours the polls will open in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire and its population will begin casting their votes.  This will continue throughout the country for the rest of the day and night in the United States until all who have registered and arrived at the polls have finished.  There will be long lines and bad weather and people will be late for work.  By 7 p.m. EST the pundits will begin to project the winner of the presidential election as well as thousands of other offices from Senator to school board. ...more