Kids pick Obama... because Obama targets kids?

My son informed us at dinner last night that the entire third grade at his school voted in a mock presidential election. The result? Obama by a landslide -- 68 to 14. We chuckled and cheered, 'round the table, and talked about how we'll head to the polls as a family and vote for Obama. ...more

Actually, I think Obama is probably doing well among kids because he is doing well with their ...more

Election Blog Party 2008!

  I believe this election is one of the most important ones this country has faced in a long time.  There are so many issues at stake.  The economy, the environment, our relations, present and future, with other countries; global warming, health care, social security, education... I could go on and on. With that said, I believe everyone needs to get out and vote during this election! ...more

My Extended Obama Family

Once in a while, if you're lucky, your workplace becomes a home away from home. I'm lucky. ...more

It's Not Too Late to Support Pro-Choice Women Running for Office

Liberal feminists who want to support pro-choice Democratic women running for state and federal office are needed more than ever!* EMILY's List, which supports pro-choice Democratic women running for office, reminded activists that: With four new Democratic women already elected to the house this cycle (yeah Donna Edwards!), we are well on our way to one of the largest gains for women in Congress in history (eight would make it the second largest in history). ...more

Thanks for reminding people about this important issue. In the past, we could look to the ...more

Hillary Supporters: "Massive Voter Fraud" by Obama


socrates  Good evening, Cooper,

I would be quite surprised if ...more

Is Anyone Really "Pro-Abortion?"

Like most, I watched the final Presidential debate and I can’t say that I was particularly impressed or moved.  My position has been solidified since February, so there’s no such thing as a game-changer for me.  However, I do enjoy watching the overall sport of political debate and after all the tough “Say it to my face” talk, I was ready to see somebody get buck. ...more

The thing about people saying pro-abortion is that they want people who are pro-choice to ...more

Obama and the New Party. What Gives??????????

It began simply enough: an email from a friend since high school with an attachment showing a 1996 newsletter of the New Party. In that newsletter the New Party was announcing its recent major electoral victories, some of them highlighted in pink, in Arkansas, Illinois, and Maryland. One of those key victories was in Illinois. An NP-endorsed candidate named Barack Obama . ...more

Prayer is the Best Weapon

Prayer is always the best weapon we have in an circumstance. The more people praying the better off we are on this election. I’ve decided I can’t let this election get the best of me. I’m just so upset over Obama, it’s stressing me out way too much. It’s more the fact that the a majority of the public refuses to open their eyes about this man (or even watch a little fox news) to see the obvious truth about Obama. The media bias, the lies, everything is just too much to watch! ...more

I voted for Obama, and I watched Fox News some.  I also took into account that the latter ...more

Does Obama's Race Matter to You?

As a teenager during the dark days of segregation in the Deep South, I worked on the staff for a girls’ church camp outside Tampa, Florida. The Church that year had seized the initiative, taking to heart the concept of universal love, and integrated the camp staff. Three young black women from Mississippi joined our staff that summer. Only if you lived during that time period will you readily understand why they came from Mississippi. Their names were unknown outside the camp, so . ...more

"Obamaware": Where politics and studio pottery meet!

Greetings, BlogHer readers: this is grassroots art at its best and most inspiring - invite Obama to your "kitchen table" (as politicians like to say) by purchasing a piece of Obamaware! ...more