The Political Upset That No One Saw Coming

Today, in Virginia, the unthinkable happened in the world of politics. Rep. Eric Cantor, Majority Leader and the number 2 guy in the House met defeat at the hands of a virtual political unknown, see "Eric Cantor loses GOP primary to tea party challenger Dave Brat."...more
I'm not so sure about that. From listening to some folks from Virginia talk, they weren't ...more

As Nepal goes to the polls, a push to increase women’s representation

With few female candidates and poorly financed campaigns, observers wait and watch to see if quotas will be enough to maintain the 33 per cent of women’s representation achieved in Nepal’s previous Constituent Assembly. ...more

Cameroon elections catapult women into office

This unprecedented increase, bringing the proportion of women in the National Assembly to 31 per cent, a result of synergy between actors, adoption of an Electoral Code and involvement of a gender expert. ...more

Women make up more than one-third of Zimbabwe’s new Parliament

At a historic 35 per cent, women’s representation has more than doubled for the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe, due to a special Constitutional measure applied during the recent general elections. ...more

Sharp increase of women voters in Pakistan’s recent elections

Songs, TV commercials and dramas, coupled with voter education and community awareness-raising encouraged an historic 15 million Pakistani women to vote in Pakistan’s recent general elections. ...more

Malian women press for peaceful, fair elections

On the eve of Mali's historic presidential elections on 28 July 2013, UN Women is supporting a platform for information and debate about women’s issues. ...more

Malian women press for peaceful, fair elections

“Women's organizations have been powerless in the face of everything our sisters have suffered. We are now in a process of national reform; I think that this should be done in a participative, inclusive manner that motivates us to become involved in the electoral process,” says Traoré Nana Sissako, lawyer and Chair of the Malian Women's Rights and Citizenship Group (GP/DCF), which seeks to promote the political participation of women in Mali. ...more

Are we there yet?

 Damn, that’s a lot of stairs....more

Terrific Tuesday - Election History - George Bush/Al Gore and the Teenie Bopper

Terrific Tuesday - it is terrific raise politically aware children....more

Productivity and Politics – Would Our Government Be More Productive If It Was Run Like A Business?

“A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand”.   Abraham Lincoln Our most recent elections are behind us and I have to admit I am very relieved to no longer see the political “ads” cluttering my television.  However, in a very real sense, our political tasks are just beginning. ...more