What Women Should Know About Our Old Boss, Mitt Romney.

Frankly, we were completely, totally, absolutely fed up.  That’s what we told a reporter from the Milwaukee Sentinel today who asked us why a group of female executives are traveling the country telling women about our former boss Mitt Romney.  We were frustrated that so many women were getting a picture of Mitt from the media and negative ads that just doesn't match up with the man we all know and worked with in Salt Lake and Massachusetts.  We’re smart women; we know it’s a big country; and we know we’re only a few voices....more
@AmericaLuvsMitt you made the election about Romney you got sucker punched by Obama more

On the Road to Election Day, Part IV: If at first we don't succeed...

This video clip of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has gotten a lot of attention.  ...more

Ha - I was thinking about how there was a little thing you could do a
few months ago where ...more