The Phree Phone Guy!

If you’re having trouble deciding which candidate deserves your election support, ask yourself this question: Did Mitt Romney ever give you anything?According to one disgraceful YouTube video filmed in Cleveland, Ohio, your choice is simple: Vote for the free phone guy, Barack Obama. ...more

Ode to a Hanging Chad

The presidential election of 2000 was particularly painful for me. ...more

In the Campaign Spirit

The Romney Connection

I’m sorry to report that I missed most of Chris Wallace’s recent Fox News special interview with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and his wife at their Massachusetts vacation home. The part I did see went a long way toward debunking the “Mitt Romney can’t connect with regular folks” myth. ...more

I Don't Like Your Political Candidate, Now Leave Me Alone!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, School just started and one of the moms in my middle schooler's class is already hitting me up to do volunteer work for the political candidate I don't support. I tried to be polite. I really tried. But I finally told her straight out that I support her candidate's opponent. Instead of backing off, she now wants to "debate the issues." I'm not interested. How do I get her to stop?...more
The idiocy of the uninformed, too busy to be a citizen, I'll believe what the makers of my paper ...more

Understanding Romnish

Paint Your Wagon!

Growing up in Eastern Oregon, within sight of wagon ruts left behind by thousands of emigrants searching for the American Dream more than a century ago, I developed a great reverence for the women who came west on wagon trains. ...more

Gay Marriage Issue Splits Black Vote

  In an election cycle rife with controversy, it’s not surprising that religious issues would come to the fore. ...more

Just another Pot-Head with a Nuclear Arsonal

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect our President to behave like a grownup. Recent revelations about the Commander in Chief have put me in mind of my own sons when they were young and without maturity. We can hope he will outgrow his adolescent behaviors. ...more

Outsourcing is NOT a Dirty Word

As the election cycle heats up, we’ve heard more than a little about the sinister practice of “outsourcing.” The problem is, we haven’t been told the whole truth about this business practice which is not only common, but extremely practical and one of the necessary tools in order to succeed in a global economy. When we hear the word “outsourcing” we have mental images of factories closing, workers standing in unemployment lines and foreigners getting rich and fat while Americans do without....more