On the Road to Election Day, Part I: Reframing the concept of "activism"

Forget everything you know about or have heard about the word "activist" and just think about any time you've taken any step whatsoever to procure a desired outcome.  Any single thing at all - a customer service issue, an environmental issue, a parent-teacher situation, a job negotiation, a roommate problem, maybe when you were a child, it was convincing someone to let you stay up late or have another cookie.  ...more

Are you running and where? Evil grin!

I'm really good at giving unsolicited advice but ...more

Indian PM returns, Sri Lankan insurgency crushed

The past week South Asian neighbors Sri Lanka and India wrote page-turners for future generations: While a decades-old bloody ethnic war came to an end in the island nation, India returned 76-year-old Manmohan Singh and his Congress Party-led coalition to a second term, making the economist -- popularly regarded as the father of India's economic liberalization -- only the second prime minister in the last three decades to be re-elected for the country's top job. ...more

Around the World, Voters Choose Women

by Chris Lombardi ...more

Will Ecuadorian Women Achieve Political Parity Tomorrow?

Citizens of the Republic of Ecuador will go to the polls Sunday for national elections. Lola Valladares, UNIFEM’s Coordinator for the Program on Governance and Violence Against Women for the Andean region, believes that Ecuadorian women will make historic advances towards parity in parliamentary representation.   ...more

The biggest, the fanciest, the craziest: India Votes '09

  A week from now, the world's biggest celebration of democracy begins. Over 700 million eligible Indians are registered to vote for the country's 15th Parliament in five phases over a period of one month. Three states will also go to the polls to elect local governments. There are seven national political parties, over 30 regional ones, and a 1,000 other parties that the Election Commission lists as registers but unrecognized. The two main national parties are the centralist and grand old Indian National Congress (Congress in short), and the Hindu nationalist, right-wing Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP). ...more

Claudia, thanks for stopping by. It's interesting to know Mexico is going through a similar ...more

For Immediate Release Dirt: An American Campaign on Virtual Book Tour Book December '08

Join political thriller author Mark LaFlamme on his first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotion Public Relations as he travels the blogosphere in December to talk about his latest release, “Dirt: An American Campaign”.   ...more

Stagnation Nation: Despite efforts, women's wins in political races fail to accelerate

I'd been blogging for nearly a year and a half when the November 2006 elections turned Ohio blue (Democrats took four of the five state offices and former Congressman/now U.S. ...more

Voting Day

I just got home from voting... spent 5 very long hours in line! I got there at 9:30am and voted 5 hours later when the line only had a 45 minute wait- and people were complaining! turns out my district is the 2nd largest district in the City of Norfolk and they only had 7 booths! Then one went down, then and only then did they bring in 2 more booths! To the Elected President: you owe all of the 2nd largest District foot and body massages!!!! ...more

Election '08 Media Coverage: The Highs and The Lows

Halleluljah! The 2008 election is almost over. It's been exciting, inspiring, historic and incredibly contentious. Soon we won't be hearing anymore about John "Mr. Grumpy Puss" McCain and Barack "Mr. Tax and Spend" Obama or Sarah "We're Mavericks" Palin or Joe "I"m From Scranton" Biden. But before we move on to the next act in this political drama, let's take a look back from a media standpoint. In a campaign year when many Americans got their news from the internet: YouTube, Facebook, campaign websites and hundreds of blogs on the internet that helped shape public opinion and motivate voters, it would be a mistake to forget the power the mainstream media (MSM) still holds over shaping a candidate's image. Here are some Election 2008 MSM highs and lows. ...more

Hi Michelle,

After Obama's win maybe now we can put the whole idea of the more


Well isn;t that sweet.... it is going to rain on election day! ...more