Massachusetts' Legislature Favors Popular Vote over Electoral College: Will Your Vote Get Neutralized?

If you aren't old enough to remember Bush v. Gore (serious trivia: for those who've followed California's Prop 8, check out the attorneys in Bush v. Gore and who they represented), don't worry. The debate it highlighted -- should our president be selected by popular vote or the electoral college system -- lives on in the efforts of many states, catalogued by National Popular Vote, to dump the electoral college in favor of the popular vote, and Massachusetts is just the latest state to walk that way. ...more

I haven't forgotten that was a player in the 2000 elections.

A lot of transparent work would ...more

Electoral College 101 – It Ain’t Over Until The Electors Say So

It is important to know that there are two sets of votes today. The popular vote for a candidate and, in reality, the electoral vote.  I hope this post is a waste of time and there is a clear winner in the election. If it is a tight race however then understanding how this electoral process works will be very important. Fancy isn’t quiet sure on the details of the process so let’s clear it up for those that have questions. A Brief History Lesson: ...more

1.  The Electoral College meets later in the month than the national election.  This is to ...more

My Vote Doesn't Count

I am tired of listening to people say their vote doesn't count. That the Electoral College chooses the President no matter what the popular vote is. It is balderdash! Yes the Electoral College determines the Presidency, but do you really know how that works? Other than what you learned in high school? ...more
Both those elections Bush-Gore and Bush-Kerry proves big time that each and every vote counts! more