Unconnected day

According to the news, they are saying tomorrow night begins Unconnected day.You go off your internet, mobile phone,and all other electronic devices for 24 hours.That’s right, just 24 hours. When I heard about it, well,I figured they’ll be a lot more quiet cases of carpal tunnel for at least one day.It’s a good idea, I think. Someone actually used their head!I’m in. I mean, it’s only 24 hours....more

That’s A Wrap! CES 2012, Smart and Connected

In spite of a lack of ground-breaking news, CES 2012 put a stake in the ground for the tech trends we’ll see in the coming year and beyond. Smart this, smart that. Gadgets unveiled at this year’s big dance focused on one thing: connected. We want anywhere, anytime access to our digital lives, in and out of the home, so this year at the International Consumer Electronics Show, everything seemed to be billed as smart and connected....more
@KarenLynnn I know! I can't wait for the prices to come down. The SMART TVs are awesome, too. ...more