RAVPower & TaoTronics Flash Sale!

Holidays are just around the corner and many companies are offering great deals to their customers. ...more

Are Warranties Ruining Our Kids?

It's a pretty standard question when you're buying electronics.  "Would you like to buy the extended warranty?"  For a mere five or eight or ten dollars extra you can ensure that should your child in an act of random childishness crash, dent, or otherwise wreck their new cell phone, game system, tablet, etc., the magic electronics fairy will swoop in and save the day. ...more

Don't Leave Home Without Them?

Tomorrow we leave for our weeklong beach vacation.  As I pack, I meticulously check off each item on the list I created 2 weeks ago.  If it weren’t for the list, I would definitely forget the tweezers that may be needed in case of a splinter or the anti-itch cream that will only be needed if I forget to pack it....more

Two Tropicana Juice Cans and a Piece of String come walking into my Office....

I wish they did.Some Einstein played with the wires at my desk on Friday, for evidently, they weren’t satisfied with how I DID it, and killed my , as I affectionately call it,” My time-life operator headset.”I have been waiting for three days for the phone to get back to life, but to no avail, so I had to redo my phone and go back to stiff neck extremis and answer it the old way....more

Which Tech and Gadget Trends Do You Think Are the Most Exciting?

If you love tech and the latest electronic gadgets, we are living in absolutely amazing times. On any given day, you can use an iPad app to scan the celestial stars in the sky or a Kindle Fire HD tablet to watch stars of the Hollywood variety walk the red carpet in streaming video. Forbes has predicted that by 2014, more than 70 billion mobile apps will be downloaded from app stores every year....more

~Le Sigh

~Le sigh.After coming off the high that was last week (namely, celebrating my birthday, my Dad's birthday, and Thanksgiving), today I had to deal with the extreme annoyances brought on by a wonky iPhone and laptop. I've been unable to receive text messages since approximately 2:30 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, so, if you texted me and I didn't respond - please don't take it personally....more
Did you turn the phone off and back on?   And, if you're going to upgrade, go 5. :-)more

Guest Post - Electronic Addiction

Today I have a guest post about protecting kids from electronic addiction. We don't yet have to ward against this problem, since the girls don't have access to any electronics yet. But I'm sure they will, and sooner rather than later.  ___ ...more

Stop Being Your Kid's BFF and Start Being Their Parent

ask you, parents, when is the last time you spoke to your children about morality or respect? When is the last time you had a conversation with your young person regarding sex? When is the last time that you spoke with your child about your expectations of them excluding the times that you're angry with them because they weren't meeting your expectations? A real conversation. One where you weren't trying to play at being their BFF and were their parent. Kids have a hundred BFFs these days. Often, they change from year to year. However, they only have one set of parents. Just one....more
This is timely. My sister-in-law recently told me she doesn't want to have the sex talk with her ...more

Stop and Smell the Roses

So this morning I had cell phone issues. It would be a few hours before Verizon could fix the problem. I was okay with that because I figured I could go a few hours without it.What I wasn’t counting on was my reaction to its absence. I’m pretty sure a few times I started to hyperventilate. I had zero access to my emails, facebook, twitter, tumblr, texts, and phone. So yeah. I’m pretty sure a few times I almost went crazy....more
I used to have a hard time giving up the internet. It's gotten easier. I could never do it ...more

Which Electronic Gadget Is On Your Holiday "Wish List" This Season?

All of our research studies confirm that the BlogHer community is more digitally savvy than the total online population.  We have the women (and the moms) that find their lives greatly enhanced by laptops, smart phones and tablets.Since BlogHer women are the authorities when it comes to consumer electronics, we want you to tell us which ones you think are the hottest, most coveted items.  What kind of nifty tech gadget would you love to have this holiday season?  Pick from the list below if you see a favorite, or feel free to elaborate by leaving a comment. ...more
I'm hoping for a Kindle, but not a Kindle fire. As long as I have books on the Kindle, I should ...more