Everyone Says to Create an Elevator Pitch, but How Do You Do That?

Every single list of advice you'll read about attending #BlogHer16 will include some variation on this line: Have an elevator pitch. Perfect your elevator pitch. Practice your elevator pitch. Own your elevator pitch. Be your elevator pitch. Which is all fine and dandy, except no one seems to be telling people how to create an elevator pitch. Womp womp. We discussed some ideas on the BlogHer Editorial Team. First and foremost, we'll define an elevator pitch for you: ...more
I love the concept of removing the word "just..." Of course, we are striking that word right now!more

Endless Summer Feeling

Bringing the beach into my "endless summer" elevator pitch:I was recently asked to share my elevator pitch, that short and sweet tagline of my essence, the spark that drives me and resonates with others. Surprise, surprise but I didn't have one ready and was not very optimistic it could be summed up in a mini statement. After a morning cup of coffee and a bit of quiet time (rare in a mama's world) the words came effortlessly because it's such a part of my daily life and fills my soul....more

Tips for Getting to the Top Floor – 3 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Elevator Pitch

Is your elevator pitch elevating your career all the way to the top? Or is it leaving you stuck on the ground floor?If your elevator pitch educates your listeners about what you do now, but not what you are capable of doing next, you may be missing an important opportunity to re-shape how others perceive you. (And even how you perceive yourself.)So, what do you typically say when you introduce yourself to someone for the first time? When done right, this elevator pitch—or thirty-second commercial—can be the verbal equivalent of “dressing for the job you want”....more

The Dreaded Elevator Pitch

So, what do you blog about?" ...more

Developing An Elevator Pitch Via Zombies, Girl Scouts And A Ping-Pong Ball

Sometimes, inspiration takes on a life of its own....more
HomeRearedChef Linda Anselmi Definitely!!more

30-Second Pitch #BlogHer13

In April, I attended a conference for work (HDI). The first session I attended was about having a 30-second Pitch. You want to be able to capture your audience in the brief time you might have with them and make yourself stand out among the crowd. I’ll be using tips learned in that session to help me while I am at Blogher ’13 this weekend....more

31DBBB: A request to my readers

Despite how it might look at first glance (and depending on where your mind goes!), "31DBBB" does not refer to some bizarre, unbalanced bra size (sorry if I disappointed you!)... ...more