Don't Diaper Train Your Baby

Babies need diapers. Right? The choice is simple: disposable or cloth. Or is there a third option?What if parenthood doesn’t have to mean years of changing dirty diapers? What if babies and toddler don’t have to sit in their own waste? What if you could avoid the battle of potty training a rambunctious toddler?...more

How To Do Elimination Communication With Your Baby

When I was pregnant with my first child, one of my biggest hesitations about becoming a new parent was the thought of changing countless dirty diapers and of toilet training. I often wondered if there was a more natural process. I wondered what ancient people would have done! ...more
That's so interesting. I wish I had known about this when my now toddler was an infantmore

How the mighty have fallen

I admit that the title of my post is a little misleading. I have never felt "mighty" about practicing elimination communication (or EC). It's just what felt right. We've definitely had our ups and downs, especially when kids have been sick....more

10 Ways to Cloth Diaper on a Budget

When it comes to deciding how to diaper your little one, there are lots of good reasons to choose cloth. Cloth diapers contain none of the harmful chemicals present in disposables, there is less waste going to the landfill and cloth diapering families often experience less diaper rash and skin irritations. Cloth can also be way cheaper in the long run than a couple of years of disposable diapers. Here are ten ways to save money by cloth diapering. ...more

We used a service for the first few months than said, "hey, we can do this ourselves!" and ...more

Diapers: Which are the greenest?

  By Melinda @ ...more

My First catch- Elimination Communication

After taking a little break from elimination communication over the weekend, this morning I was determined to get my son to his baby bjorn little potty first thing in the morning.  I knew this would be my best chance to catch a pee, since he normally pees as soon as he wakes up. He woke up at 8:30.  I heard the rustling, so I ran into his room and promptly undressed him.  He was airlifted to the little potty, which I had set up this morning.  A Sham Wow had been placed underneath, just in case. ...more