The Season of Our Discontent or Life with the "N" Word

Any discusion of the "n" word in mixed company, mingling ethnic groups, gets uncomfortable, maybe even dirty. It'll shake some folks up, maybe burn a few, but if we're lucky, like supernaturally blessed lucky, we might learn something to heal our disease. So, I've set aside the post I'd intended to write about Starbucks closing. Instead I'm picking up a topic that I've told other bloggers privately I won't discuss again until possibly next year, use of the "n" word. ...more

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Sherri Shepherd Knows The Earth Is Round

Stop the presses. Sherri Shepherd the new co-host on "The View" knows the earth is round. She made that clear on this morning's show. Why would we think otherwise? Because yesterday during a discussion on religion, science and evolution, Sherri said she did not believe in evolution, and when Whoopi Goldberg tried to make a point about believing in scientific facts like the earth being round, Sherri came off as sounding like she didn't know if the earth was round. Read The Complete Post At Megan's Minute. ...more

Whoopi's First Week On "The View"

Whoopi Goldberg completed her first week as the new moderator on "The View" and she did it with humor, style and intelligence. I must say it was almost jarring not to have the kind of fireworks that seemed to always crop up with Rosie O'Donnell, but as she worked her way through the week, Whoopi put her own stamp on the show and promised to bring a level of calm perspective, especially during the popular hot topics segment. Barbara Walters started off Whoopi's first show with a nice congratulatory note from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. There were a lot of menopausal jokes, something I guess we're going to get a lot of with three of the four women knee deep in or post-menopausal. After bouncing around the table to get reports on everyone's summer---Joy spent time on a friend's yacht, Elisabeth is still pregnant, Babs is working on her auto-biography---the discussion turned to football player Michael Vick and his guilty plea to dogfighting. Read The Entire Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more

Live Blog: Whoopi's The New Co-Host Of "The View"

Here it is, the day we've all been waiting for and this is a live blog of "The View's" "huge announcement that will change the show forever." I put a picture of Whoopi Goldberg up and picked the title of this post before the show started because I'm sure it's going to be Whoopi. If I'm wrong, I'm going to look like an awful fool. Well, here they come, the two surviving gabby girls, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Queen Bee herself, Barbara Walters. Because this is a women's show, today I'm going to do the obligatory comments on their outfits. Babs is looking good in a creamy yellow pantsuit. Joy looks like it's the middle of December in a gray turtleneck and Elisabeth, say what you want about her, but the girl looks great in her floaty chocolate brown summer dress. The first thing Babs says: "You may notice that we're only three, but we're almost four. We are very excited, this is a very big day for us." She then goes on to say "However, all is not good in the world...the bad girls are having a bad day." Oh great, they're gonna hold off the big announcement until the last two minutes of the show aren't they? Looks like they are. We launch into a discussion of Britney's bad mothering, and Babs holds up two nude pix of Britney with her butt crack covered. Joy thinks Britney needs to move out of the country. I'm with you Joy. A stint in the Australian Outback for a couple of years might knock some sense into that crazy broad. Read the rest of this post at Megan's Minute ...more

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Fast Times ...more