A Sneak Peek at the BlogHer Food Closing Party: Announcing Hosts Ree Drummond, Jaden Hair, and Elise Bauer!

While we can't yet reveal the location, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the BlogHer Food '14 final party! We are excited to announce that Ree Drummond, Jaden Hair, and Elise Bauer will be hosting the closing party in Miami. Again! We are thrilled! ...more

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina

Austin is Awesome...It's a Fellini Kind of Town - Aroma Cucina http://bit.ly/jarup5 Culinary star power and community power all rolled into one.  The IACP convention was a hit! Next year in NYC!...more

Famous Women in Food

Quick! Name some famous women in the realm of the kitchen! Our mothers and grandmothers don't count, even if Mom's Famous Potato Salad is truly famous or Nini's Blackberry Jam Cake could woo people to do her bidding. Bubbie's Matzoh Ball soup doesn't count either. It may have been famous in her home, her family, her community--but truly famous?...more

Nigella Lawson. She is famous to me... She has this brownie recipe that... have ...more

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome: Why You Really Might Be the Expert in the Room

I became aware of the Impostor Syndrome eight or nine years ago, when I was working for a failing start-up. Watching our staff whittle to half its size every few weeks was starting to take a toll on the remaining employees. I was grateful to still be working, but I wondered whether I should start looking into another job -- something more secure....more

Great article.  Appearances are deceiving and many people aren't as confident as ...more