Humiliated Elizabeth Edwards ripped her blouse and bra off at airport.

"You don't see me anymore," Elizabeth Edwards screamed as she tore off her blouse and bra, revealing breasts deformed by the grueling treatment inflicted on breast cancer victims. John Edwards “didn't have much of a reaction,” testified Christina Reynolds, a former Edwards communications adviser and friend of his wife....more

Indictment of Sen. John Edwards Spurs Legal Debate, Laments for Opportunities Lost

A federal grand jury handed down a six-count indictment today against former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards that he illegally used campaign funds to cover up an extramarital affair....more

to this story. It sounds like a lot of effort went into covering up the trail, lying to ...more

Office of the Cheater

by Lianne Castelino They say politics makes for strange bedfellows.  THEY are so darn wise.  Would THEY also know then why so many politicians, Arnold Schwarzenegger being the latest, make such phenomenally poor choices in their bedrooms? What is it with these so called "public servants"?  Do they forget how to serve their own wives and children? How many of them now have we all had to listen to as they flail around in public professing their guilt over extramarital affairs. ...more

I Haven't Forgotten

Elizabeth Edwards made a statement directed at anyone who attempts to reach out to a grieving person.  She said, “The greatest gift you can give the grieving is to let them know you haven’t forgotten.” Sometimes people are afraid that if they mention the person who has passed away that it will somehow stir up memories and emotions that have finally settled. I can promise you that is a lie straight from the Devil’s mouth to hinder Children of God from reaching out and offering comfort....more

A Loss for words--in both directions

At times of loss, they never seem to be enough; but sometimes words are all we have.I always feel a mix of pain and poignancy watching young women like Cate Edwards, who have the poise and presence of mind to deliver beautiful eulogies for their mothers. When my mother died at 41, nothing would have come out of my mouth—other than sobs.   I was 18, too shocked and immature to sense, much less express, the magnitude of what this loss would mean for the rest of my life....more

Mourning a Mother

Mourning A Mother The empty nesters join the entire country in mourning the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. A lawyer, political wife, writer, and most importantly mother of 4, Elizabeth lost her valiant battle with metastatic cancer this morning with her family, including estranged husband John, by her side. Whatever we think of John and his despicable behavior, he is the father of their children. It will now be his responsibility to raise their two youngest , Emma Claire 12, and Jack 10. The Edwards story has been all over the media....more

Life Lessons From Elizabeth Edwards, And Why We Can't Hate John

Rest in Peace seems most appropriate for a woman whose life was anything but restful or peaceful. Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday after a long fought battle with cancer. ...more

Can a bad husband be a good father? - Elizabeth Edwards' death asks an important question

I don't know much about Elizabeth Edwards, the late wife of politician John Edwards. I will say what I have observed of her in the press were unmatchable qualities of strength, courage and family-focused devotion....more

Haven't posted in a while and having a hard time with posting article on new platform. Will keep ...more

BlogHers Remember Elizabeth Edwards

It was hard news for a lot of BlogHers to learn that Elizabeth Edwards died today of cancer at 61, just one day after announcing on Facebook that she was discontinuing medical treatment after a long battle with the illness. An accomplished lawyer, author, and the wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards spoke at BlogHer '07 in Chicago, where she answered bloggers' questions, and a lot of us got to meet her. ...more

I didn't realize Elizabeth Edwards spoke at the 2007 BlogHer conference. I didn't even have a ...more

Co-Parenting After a Divorce: Gleaning Advice from Bloggers

What do Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, John and Elizabeth Edwards, and Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have in common beyond the fact that the men are all cheaters (oops! Did I say that aloud?) They are all engaging in some form of co-parenting, making it work as parents even if they couldn't make it work as a couple. ...more
I agree that if at all possible, co-parenting is the best option for children living in a ...more