The War On Elizabeth Warren

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The Angry Woman: It's All in What You Do With It

Anger, as an emotion, is energizing -- far more energizing than frustration, which is paralyzing. Think about it -- if you feel frustrated, you just want to pull the covers over your head. If you feel angry, you want to throw things. Throwing things is not socially acceptable, but if you allow yourself to be angry, you can then decide what you're going to do with it. And you can tell the object of your anger exactly that. ...more

I could say a lot on this topic, but I'm not gonna.


Elizabeth Warren, Newly Appointed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

If you read that your credit card has "two-cycle billing," would you know what that meant? Could you call your credit card issuer and contest the charge if you suspected it was unfairly applied? I'm decently educated, but I have to read these things three and four times to get the gist. ...more

for the average American. A good appointment to a new and very important ...more

The New Girls’ Club

Remember the Old Boys’ Club…? The boring, cranky, devious one that controls the banks, the economy and most of our wealth creation and money supply from behind the scenes? The one where nearly every key position in government is occupied by an Old Boy?...more

Political Girl Crushes

There's been more than a little tongue-in-cheek conjecture that if the "boys" had listened to the "girls" or if "girls" had been in charge, our financial structures wouldn't be in meltdown mode today and our economy wouldn't be in the tank. ...more

Elizabeth Warren has been on my radar for years and I am thrilled that she has any kind of role ...more

Why we DO Need a New Regulatory Agency

by Elizabeth Warren At WVFC, we’ve often highlighted the work of Elizabeth Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel (who’s a Harvard Law professor, teaching contract law, bankruptcy and commercial law, in her copious free time).Via our friends at the financial watchdog ...more

Diane Vacca: Whose Economy Is It?

Let me be clear, as the President often says. I am not an economist; I’ve never taken a course in economics; I’m very good at saving money and spending it, but not at earning it in any significant quantity. ...more