Thinspiration and Social Media: No More Mixed Messages

Last Thursday, I took a break from writing to wander off to Twitter, as one does. A message came up in my feed, with an Instagram link, and I clicked to view. Without thinking twice, I immediately responded. The tweet was sort of a social media snowball - Jonathan Adler's company was tweeting an Instagram posted by ELLE magazine of one of his needlepoint pillows in their September issue. Ironically, both the new issue of ELLE and Jonathan Adler post-it notes sat on my desk as I was typing. ...more
 @Kristen Daukas I think even those who like the pillow should be concerned when social media ...more

Elle Lightens Bollywood Star's Skin

If you picked up a copy of January’s Elle India, you’d see what appears to be a particularly fair-skinned white woman with reddish hair on the cover. But Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a Bollywood star and former Ms. World, is Indian. That’s not her true skin or hair color: As can be seen in any other photos of her, both features are several shades darker. It seems apparent that Elle took some offensive liberties with Bachchan’s photos. ...more
Olive skin is very fair in color!white in  the usa is defined by the us census bureau as people ...more