My Obligatory Oscar Night Top 10 Recap!

Last night was the 2014 Academy Awards show and I personally felt it was better than it's been in the last few years.  Here are my top 10 highlights:1.  Ellen Degeneres as host....more

Let’s Get Jen Tyrrell on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

(Crossposted from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents)My friend and blog team member Jen Tyrrell would be a perfect guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show....more

Sign of the Times

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

Finding Nemo 3D

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

"Be Kind to One Another"

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

Fifty Shades of Grey, as Read by Ellen DeGeneres

I work in an enormous bookstore that is nestled in the center of an upscale Los Angeles shopping center. Pretty much the only thing that anyone has asked for lately has been Fifty Shades of Grey—or some mangled variation of this title. We have sold out of this book so many times over the past few weeks that I have stopped keeping track. Men, women—even teenagers who probably have no idea what they are in for—have been asking about it....more
Loved seeing an interview with the author. She was so quiet and shy! Not at all what you'd expect!more

Tangled Small Talk: Twitter-style

Twitter makes me uncomfortable, but I'm told it's a good way to "build my brand" (which makes me think of a towering monolith with ill-fitting jeans and mismatched socks and I shudder.) I also get a teeny bit defensive that there are things out there that I don't really "get", but teenagers adopt them with ease. So I must conquer them. It was that or Justin Bieber, and Twitter seemed the lesser of the two evils....more

Who Are These One Million Moms?

I know it’s a banner day when I find myself on the same side as Bill O’Reilly.Have you heard of One Million Moms? They hate gay people, apparently.Now, as I sit here and have a discussion with my daughter about how her eyes are brown and mine are blue because we’re different people, nowhere does my mind think, ‘hey, I’m a mom, I must hate gay people.’...more

People in Glass Houses and Other Lessons From My Students

In light of everything that is going on in the world, my students' efforts to get Ellen DeGeneres to speak to them might seem irrelevant and unimportant. In fact, it might even support the notion that kids are too caught up in pop culture to recognize what is going on around them.  While that might be true in part, there is always another side to any story. And in this instance, there are multiple sides to this story. So before anyone rushes to judgment, I would hope they considered the following:...more