What My Five Careers Have Taught Me: Top 10 Lessons of Career Reinvention

Kathy CaprinoI’ve significantly revised my career numerous times over my 25 years of working, and each time, I’ve learned some powerful, surprising lessons -- about myself, my capabilities, perceptions, misconceptions, and about what it takes for me to attain what I want. Each career shift led me down a new path, and often, the destination wasn’t at all what I’d hoped or planned.  Huge mistakes were made, certainly, but what I’ve learned has been of great value and utility, allowing me to focus ever more closely on what matters to me....more
This is my life here. "You can't hurry love..." is the thing I need to work on the most. I'm ...more

Just Because Someone Says You Stink, Doesn't Make Them Right!

Kathy Caprino Hello! How’s your week going?  Great, I hope. Personally, I’ve had a few hard knocks this week from several people who indicated they’d like to offer constructive feedback, but then proceeded to tear down and put down. Constructive or Destructive?...more

The Top 10 Things Coaching Marketers and Training Schools Won’t Tell You

Kathy CaprinoThis week, I had a fabulous conversation with Starla Sireno – Founder of www.Fearlessnessinc.com and the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network – an empowering forum for women entrepreneurs in San Francisco and beyond, providing the knowledge and support women need to become fearless entrepreneurs. ...more

As someone who has invested considerable time in understanding and learning about marketing, I ...more

Why Million-Dollar Coaching Promises Should Make You Leery

Kathy Caprino“It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.” –Winston ChurchillThese past few years I’ve been connected with literally dozens of coaches who promise that, if you follow their work and their model, you’ll be a millionaire.  Really?...more

7 Reasons You Hate Marketing – And How to Learn to Love It

Kathy CaprinoIn ramping up my marketing consulting work with women consultants, practitioners, and entrepreneurs these past months, I’ve heard these words over and over:  “I hate marketing.”  or, more specifically…  “I hate promoting myself.” It’s an amazing thing to observe – that so many women today view marketing as sleazy, embarrassing, scary, or simply overwhelming....more

The "Secret Sauce" to Your Success

Kathy CaprinoLately I’ve been talking focusing a good deal on “success” in my writing and workshops, and suddenly this month I had a realization: “Success” is a concept and an experience that is utterly intimidating to many women...more

Why Telling the Truth is a Powerful Career (and Life) Strategy

Kathy CaprinoI’ve been stunned lately with the power of telling the truth – the raw, uncensored truth. ...more

My 52 Mistakes (How I’m Turning My Mess into a Message Every Day)

Bottom line – “Embracing and loving who I am and what I’ve done is not a fixed state – it’s a long work in progress.”As many of my friends know, I’ve immersed myself in a 9-year life reinvention, and shifted from a miserable and chronically ill corporate professional to an author, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur who absolutely loves what she does for a living and what she’s focused on, despite the enormous challenges....more


Ms. ...more

The 5 “M’s” Necessary for Entrepreneurial Women’s Success

Kathy CaprinoIn launching my new Breakthrough Vision Marketing division that offers women entrepreneurs, consultants, writers, and practitioners marketing support to achieve success in their ventures, I’ve discovered some telling statistics about the success entrepreneurial women have achieved thus far, and the challenges women continue to face in creating financial success in their endeavors....more

The New Rules of Marketing – Five Key Principles of Care, Credibility, Connection, Clarity and Calling

Kathy CaprinoAs many of my friends and community members know, I'm a huge fan of Scott Stratten, President of Un-marketing (www.un-marketing.com). Almost every word this guy says and writes resonates 100% with me, and reflects my views and feelings about what it means to engage authentically, build relationships, and "market" yourself, your products and services, in the highest and best sense of the word....more