Civil Discord, Oxford-Style Debate: Why I Heart "Intelligence Squared"

When I was a geeky teenager back in the early 1970s, one of my favorite television shows was a short-lived PBS series called The Advocates, in which well-informed, but ideologically opposed debaters argued over the issues of the day. That was back when people could disagree without impugning each other's patriotism, intelligence or character....more

I listened to the episode on Iran tonight and found it extremely enlightening. Liz Cheney was ...more

Ashley Dupre: The Dr. Phil of High-Priced Hookers?

I stirred a little slowly from my slumber this morning. Although I'd been awake for a few hours, when The View came on at 10 am, I was still moving at a snail's pace. Breakfast was on the table, but that was really the extent of my productivity thus far.Just as I was sipping coffee from my favorite mug, wishing a bolt of electric energy would uproot my weighted ass, a discussion between Whoopi, Barbara, Joy and Elisabeth shocked me right out of semi-comatose state. ...more