Don't Take This Personal, Elmo, but Would You Kindly Die?

Remember awhile back when I tried to speak with sagacity about Wee Cee’s lack of interest in Elmo? And remember how you seasoned parents kindly held your tongue in the comments and refrained from telling me, “Oh, you just wait, girly. Elmo fixation is a thing and it’s going to ruin your life just like it ruined ours”?...more

Disingenuous Elmo

Disingenuous Elmo is not the opening act of the opening act of the opening act of MGMT at Coachella. It is the theme to much of my first year of parenthood....more

Zombies, Elmo and the Power of Obsession to Achieve Your Dreams

I have a confession - I've had an obsession with zombies since I was a kid; planning elaborate escape plans, having recurring nightmares and worrying about my ability to cope in a zombie invasion (I hate running)....more

My Toddler is Dating a Rock Star

When Emmy was just about to turn one year old, I swore to myself (and to my husband) that I wasn’t going to get her tons of birthday gifts.  I even suggested that maybe it would be best if we didn’t buy Em ANY gifts, and we could rewrap some of her existing toys, so that she could rediscover the joy of the many objects she already owned.  SHE wouldn’t know the difference, and because her memory isn’t ...more

Elmo & Cookie Monster Tutu Tutorial

For Elsie's second birthday, I made tutu dresses for both Elsie and Evelyn. I got the brilliant idea of using a crocheted headband as the waistband from a friend of mine and it worked beautifully. By using this, making a two layer tutu was a breeze. ...more
Love the Cookie Monster costume for my granddaughter. Wondering what width tulle you used?more

Is Katy Perry Too Hot for Elmo?

KRLD radio posted this video of Elmo and pop star Kary Perry (Cal-i-fornia Girls…Will Melt Your Popsicle…Fine, Fresh, Fierce… Bikinis on Top). Yes, but does Katy Perry have a little too much on top for Sesame Street?...more

Katy Perry Cut From Sesame Street For Turning Moms On

On Sesame Street, you can still come and play where everything is a-ok; you can be on your way to where the air is sweet ... just as long as you're not showing too much breast. ...more
So ridiculous...she mentions she is wearing dress up clothes. Do those dress up clothes look ANY ...more

What If Elmo Could Get Your Kids to Eat Broccoli?

I recently re-embraced vegetarianism. I was vegetarian for a long time in my twenties (even vegan for awhile before my love of cheese overcame my desire to liberate farm animals) and have always been ambivalent about meat. Even as a child, I was ambivalent about meat. So I decided to just go back to my veggie roots and embrace my true vegetarian self. A new era of veggie-centric dining was dawning in my household! Huzzah! ...more

My mothering style might offend some, but the kids eat what I make. Cooking is time consuming ...more

Win an Elmo Live and an MLB Pitching Machine!

There are only three weeks left to go in the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder Sweepstakes! For those who haven't been briefed, here's the deal: 1. Every week we give away a prize (or prize package) valued between $100 and $200 to one lucky winner. 2. The winner is chosen from those who entered at least one playspace with a photo into the KaBOOM! Playspace Finder that week. 3. Each time you enter a playspace with a photo, it counts as an entry. No messy forms to fill out, plus your odds of winning go up as you add more playspaces! 4. Each week's sweepstakes starts on Tuesday (Eastern time) and ends the following Monday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time. So the only eligible playspaces for that week's contests are those entered during that timeframe. So. That being said, who wants to win an Elmo Live and an MLB Pitching Machine? ...more