Germans in Mourn the Loss of a Legend

Udo Jürgens, the German language pop star died today at the age of 80. Udo is a house hold name in Germany, Switzerland and Austria alike. Everyone loved him, he is a true entertainer and an artist. Three reasons why Udo is my favorite: 1. His songs have meaning. Ein ehrenwertes Haus: is about a “proper” apartment community who is voting to kick out one of the tenants because of lifestyle....more

On the Anniversary of Elvis's know, my Aunt met him once...

 @Nichole Thank you so much Nichole!  You know, when I was growing up, I just accepted the Elvis ...more

Sipping with Elvis

I don't know about other bloggers but it takes time to pull it all together in a way I'm happy with....more

She Wears it Well...for a Boy


Palm Springs Easters With Elvis

Elvis has always been with our family. While courting my husband Seymour, I re-routed romantic cross-country road trips through Memphis so we could visit Graceland, then Tupelo so we could visit The King's birthplace. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Las Vegas -- me in a red Marilyn Monroe dress, Seymour in a medicine shirt -- renewing our vows with Elvis as the officiant. Our tween daughter spent years insisting to anyone who would listen that Elvis was alive, since when she was five she saw The King in all his gold lamé splendor, holding up a sign to promote a local gas station -- and nothing could convince her he was gone, not even her dad's stories of how his August 17th seventh birthday was derailed by Elvis's August 16th death. Elvis is part of our family soundtrack....more

That would be so extremely awesome!

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Spiritual Lessons from Elvis

Elvis was a red-eared slider turtle who graced our family with his presence until he died last September. He was almost 30 when he died, which is a long life for a turtle in captivity. He lived with us for not all, but many of those years, and in that time I grew to know Elvis as one of God's most extraordinary creatures. ...more

Sometimes It's Good That Old Boyfriends Fade Away

elizabeth: When the East Village was my home, I lived with a boyfriend who was so handsome and sultry eyed sexy. Man, I just liked looking at him. And I know he liked looking at himself also. If I was him, I would have been doing the same damn thing. We lived on St. Mark’s Place and whenever we walked to the West Village men’s eyes would be undressing and bedding him down. That cracked me up something fierce. Because it could be -37 degrees and he would be breaking out in a sweat because the young (and old) gay men thought he was hot.  I had very good taste....more

It's Not Easy Being Elvis's Daughter

Okay, maybe I’m just assuming, but I would think, if he were still alive today, it wouldn’t be easy being Elvis’s daughter. I am sure it wasn’t easy for anyone who truly cared about him, though “back in the day” I stood in judgment of those in his closest circle. When the pictures of his last concert surfaced, I was shocked that those who “supposedly” loved him, “let” him get that way. He was very heavy and bloated. His face said “illness and unhealthy” all over it. Again, it angered me that “they let it” happen. I know very differently now. ...more

Through the Rear View Mirror - A Car Girls' Life - Classic Car Love Affairs

You know you're a car girl when you slow down on the freeway to Ooooohhhhhhhh and AHHHHHHHHHH over cars and when driving with a companion point out all the cool cars or not on the freeway like signs or landmarks along the way. I am constantly shopping cars on the parking lot freeways of Los Angeles, a slow moving car show, with every make and model imaginable on display. ...more

Thanks for the nice commnets. Check out this recent post with a photo I took of a restored Chevy ...more