The Secret to Effective Email Marketing

Being certified in Inbound Marketing and Inbound Email Marketing, I can bury you with geek talk on lead generation, lead nurturing and the likes.But I won't... because you'd probably just click away.Behind all the fancy terms and jargons that can be used to impress clients and corporate employers, here’s how I’d sum up good email marketing:...more

7 Simple Hacks to Create Traffic-Driving Mobile Friendly Emails

I am going to let you in on a secret.What is my most reliable traffic and income source at Traffic Generation Café?My email list. you know why?Here’s how my day usually starts: I wake up, roll over, and before I even get out of bed, I reach for my phone, and check my email....more

5 Top Email Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

The new year is always about a fresh start, turning a new leaf, and starting something new. Does your small business want to get better acquainted with your customers? Do you want to add email marketing to your outreach strategy in 2016?...more

Lessons From a Surprisingly Effective Email Newsletter

Last week I sent out a newsletter of a very personal and vulnerable nature.I wrote it not because some email marketing best practice says so.I wrote it because I HAD to. Life is too short to have a message bottled up inside.In fact, I might have broken every single “rule”…...more

Email Done Right: Still the Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Email marketing, when done right, is the most cost effective way to build and expand your business.Email marketing, when done wrong , is the biggest waste of time, money...and electrons....more

4 Ways to Grow Your List of Prospects

When you own your own business you must constantly be working to grow your list of prospects. It's called keeping your pipeline full. If you don't take consistent action your numbers will simply dwindle over time. In this post Linda Daley shows you 4 ways you can continuously and consistently grow your list. ...more

5 Tips For Better Welcome Emails

As marketers, sometimes we get so fixated on getting those all-important opt-ins, that we forget there's more to it. A lot more, in fact...Sure, "getting the opt-in" is extremely important. But the true measurement of success ISN'T your opt-ins list... it's your customers list.That said, the ultimate goal of your list building strategy should be acquiring lifetime customers.I know that can seem intimidating... but it shouldn't be. It's actually very simple: Treat your leads like real human beings!...more

Power Your Blog with Email Marketing and Facebook

“Blogging is really about having an outlet for a specificity or passion, branding yourself as an expert in it and building a niche community with others that share it with you”. Credit Image: brantleydavidson via Flickr ...more