Increase Your Email Campaign Effectiveness

Email marketing is still a very important component of the online marketing mix. Here is an article by Bob Speyer of Web Success Team explaining why.How can you maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns? How can you avoid being considered spam, being blacklisted or damage your reputation with clients and prospects? Today’s email climate has changed dramatically from batch and blast. Below is a list of ten essential tips to keep your email campaigns performing with a high degree of success....more

The Internet Wants to Help You Celebrate Your Birthday

Google celebrates your birthday by creating a doodle just for you (and anyone else who shares your birthday) if you've entered your birthday information in your Google profile. There are sites that change the design of your account to special birthday-flavored wall paper. Social media sites send you birthday newsletters inviting you to log in and see the special birthday greeting created "just for you." (I know these things because last October, I received several of these types of emails -- often from sites I'd forgotten I had joined.) ...more

They sang. They also once "gave" me balloons. I didn't ask for them and then a charge for ...more