Mais non, Monsieur, I Would Not Like France's Email Ban

I'm aware that a lot of people are jealous of the new labour agreement signed in France that will go into effect if approved by the Labour Ministry that states that workers cannot check their work email nor can their employer contact them after hours.  Though there isn't a firm cut-off time, the hour is set to ensure that employees can relax the full minimum regulated time of 11 hours while they're away from work.  So no checking email on the weekend, no quick phone call from the boss while you're sitting down to dinner, and no text messages received right before you go to bed. ...more
i agree that while it may be intended to boost health and quality of life, for some people it ...more

Snooping Through Your Partner's Email Should Be A Crime

“He was acting so weird, and he wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I kept asking him if something happened at work or something, and he’d say no and go back to Breaking Bad. I just knew he was off.”“Maybe he was just tired?” (Or it could be that Breaking Bad is just a fucking great show)“Maybe. But I checked email on his phone after he fell asleep and…”No. Stop. You’re Doing It Wrong....more
This should NEVER be a crime!  A person should go to jail for something so interpersonal, or ...more

Not safe for work

A naked woman stared at me from the computer.I fumbled with the mouse until the cursor reached the "x." The attachment closed. I glanced around, relieved to find the adjacent cubicles empty. I gazed at the email attempting to parse the message:How about thisThere was no punctuation to help me decode the sender's intent....more

Google+ Now Lets Anyone Send You Email Through Gmail: Here's How to Opt Out

Starting yesterday, and continuing over the next couple of days, Google is rolling out an improvement to its Gmail and Google+ platforms; allowing anyone who on Google+ to email you -- no matter whether or not you have a relationship. Wait. That's an improvement?...more
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11 Ways to prevent your email from getting hacked

#1. Whenever possible, configure your Internet connection to always use HTTPS. This is the “https” that appears before the “www” in a Web address, and the https is preceded by a padlock icon.For Gmail, this works by clicking Settings in the top right; select the General tab, then hit Always use HTTPS, then save this setting. This option is not available for those who access email via Hotmail....more Helps You Manage Unwanted Emails

The theme I keep seeing pop up in new websites is "reduce."  Or maybe "remove" is more accurate.  More and more sites are coming out with the sole purpose to help you manage your inbox or online accounts. I get A LOT of emails each day.  Some of that is because people have added me to their mailing list without my permission.  Once upon a time, I used to follow all the links to unsubscribe.  But a few days later, I would be re-added and after this occurring a few times, I gave up trying to get myself removed from mailing lists.  A chunk of my work time is spent sorting through them and hitting delete. ...more
I love this! Been using it for a while and it works pretty good. I can see a difference in the ...more


Feel free to contact me anytime at Clearly, I love getting emails....more

You've Got Mail (Just Not The Kind I Remember)

I didn't expect this to be the most nostalgic stop of the entire tour. But as I stood in front of the wall of hundreds of gleaming brass boxes, I felt the air suck out of me and was transported back in time, thirty years, to be exact....more

Birthday Freebies: Another reason to love the internet

 I’m not a huge coupon-er.  I want to be, but I’m just not that organized.  A few years ago, however, a friend of mine mentioned how he was getting freebies on his birth...more

Yahoo to Reset Dormant Accounts... NOW

There is the first email I sent after I set up the account and went to Spain for a month.  There is the email I sent myself on my first day of teaching to give myself moral support.  The first email I sent to my now-husband, and the first one he sent me back.  All the emails I sent when the twins were born.  All the queries I sent to get me to my agent.  There is history in that account.  Those are the emails that draw out the path that led me to who I am today.  And while I don't want to use that account daily, I do still want to be able to revisit it from time to time as one would old photographs in an album. ...more
I don't even remember if I have one. I really hope that, if I do, it's not linked to anything ...more