What Percent of Your Work Day is Spent Dealing with Email?

Email. It's a blessing ... and a curse. Many of us spend a significant portion of our day managing work email. Writing it, reading it, flagging it and putting it into folders has become an action item for many that was not even part of the work landscape a few decades ago. And sometimes (shudder) it even follows us home and comes after us with its plaintive little beeping voice late at night or on the weekends....more
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How to Sign Off on an E-mail

How to Sign Off On an E-mail...more

The Weekend

What do you have on tap for the weekend?  It seems that most of the Eastern seaboard will be awaiting the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  I'm sending thoughts and prayers that everyone remains safe and sound.For myself, I'll be awaiting word on the birth of my latest granddaughter.  That means being glued to my phone and Facebook!!  I'm a few states away so everything has to be electronic.  I would give anything to be there but the budget just doesn't allow!...more

A Break???

Yesterday I took a break from being online.  I just decided I needed some unconnected time.  Boy, am I paying for it today!!I woke up this morning to over 200 emails, over 100 Facebook notifications, Facebook messages, and who only knows what I haven't gotten to yet!!I spent yesterday reading and relaxing.  I enjoyed it.  And I won't let the absolute mess I have on my hands today detract from the pleasure of yesterday.  That being said...I will be plugging away all day today to catch up!...more

Would You Be More Productive Without Email at Work?

Last week's derecho knocked out power to a large chunk of the East Coast, taking with it access to email.  While my personal study was hardly conducted in a scientific manner such as the one from University of California, Irvine in conjunction with the US Army, my findings didn't mirror theirs at all.  While researchers found that people who didn't have access to email during the work day were more productive and less stressed, I found that it didn't matter if there were still plenty of tasks I could complete for work sans email.  I was less productive, jittery, and distracted; constantly checking if email was back and wondering what I was missing. ...more
"I'd say email is a necessary communication tool for my job. I can be productive without it ...more

Email Hell

Have you been there?  When your emails pile up faster than you can seem to get rid of them? So have I and I've finally come up with a plan!I set aside one day a week to clean out my email inboxes.  Not the whole day, but it's a set commitment to get it done. ...more

Do You Want Another Email From Twitter?

I love being connected to my social media tools, whether it's my Facebook profile, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest or videos I candidly make....more

For The Love of Spam

One of the first things I do every morning is clean out my spam folder on my email accounts.  I just hate seeing that number go up and up.  And I'm always amazed at some of the absolutely IDIOTIC messages that these spammers think people will fall victim to.I had one email this morning where the sender was Joseph Biden.  Really?  The vice-president is sending me an email about missing money?...more

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a very effective strategy for your small business or nonprofit organization, but most people just aren't sure where to start. For my personal blog, I use the service Mailchimp. It helps you design email newsletters and share them on your social networks....more

The Silver Lining to Phishing

A little while back, I was signing up for a social media site and it asked if I wanted to import my address book. I did, since I wanted to see who was already on the site. Then it asked if I wanted to send an invitation to my address book. My usual answer is no, but on this occasion, I was hurrying and not paying attention as I hit the wrong button and inadvertently sent out an invitation to the site to over 4000 contacts. ...more
Love the making lemonade out of lemons attitude, Melissa. :-)more