Is This Really How You Get on a Blogroll?

Today I received an email from a fellow newbie blogger. He introduced himself and explained that he's trying to meet as many other food-bloggers as possible.He said he'd visited my blog and was "pretty impressed." ...more

Thanks for your input. I'm still not sure what to do about it. The site isn't bad but has some ...more

Cyberstalking: Stalking Awareness Month Part IV

They Say Change is Inevitable Fifty percent of our four-member household is pretty much anti-change....more

Don’t Forget Your Roots: Email Marketing for 2011

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She vs. Her: Should You Check Email Over the Holidays?

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I can't remember the last time that I had a job that didn't require me to work on vacation. ...more

You are too busy, when:

I received the below email on my blackberry: ------Original Message------ From: Art lady To: Hilary @ home Subject: RE: Appraisal Inquiry Sent: Nov 26, 2010 3:13 PM  Dear Hilary: I do not get involved with selling property. I suggest that you contact Mrs....more

The Great Unsubscribe of 2010

My inbox overflowed. Every single day. Emails. Emails. Insane amounts of emails. My inbox was crazy. All of my inboxes were packed. I have 7 inboxes that I actively use, and all of them were crazy, with my primary account being the craziest of all. And were these emails from friends, family, business contacts? No. These emails were from marketers trying to sell me things. And it was all my own fault. ...more

Zchamu, I'm the same as you, I have different email accounts. But there are few things that I've ...more

Has your email been hacked into? Watch out if you use free email services

Email hacking is back in full force. I saw some relief this summer, but just in the past week I have seen two people sending me email that was not really sent from them. Their email was hacked into and and these folks are all using free email services such as Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo. Many of these emails are sent stating you (the one with the hacked email) are on travel in Spain or England and have lost access to your money. They want  you (the recipient of the email)  to wire money, etc....more

The Fierce Advocate: Internet Safety Tips for Your Kids

A Steadfast Love The moment Darling 1 was born my prim...more

Formula for Creating An Effective Online Marketing Funnel

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