Don't Dress Ugly For Halloween: A Scary Story!

  Ladies, this has been written for you. And, there might even be some guys out there who will find this Halloween story scary enough to make them think twice before deciding what to wear this Friday for Halloween, too. ...more

Thanks for commenting on my post. You pose an interesting question. I should have remembered ...more

My misadventure in turkey roasting: Did we get a defective bird, or did I screw up?

I've been putting together a page on Thanksgiving recipes over at Squidoo. It's been a lot of fun researching the various ways of preparing turkey, carving turkey, mashing potatoes, etc. It has me reminiscing about my first Thanksgiving with my husband, and that always makes me laugh. So in the interest of sharing a smile today, here is my personal, embarrassing turkey misadventure story. Enjoy! ...more

Days of Derangement

I have teenagers living in my house. If you are at all familiar with this irrational and often irritating species (homo smartaleckus), you are offering me your condolences right now. You also know that these creatures are embarrassed by the very existence of their parents. This is a perfectly natural part of the maturation process. I can remember, as a teen, thinking my parents were utterly clueless idiots. But my folks never provided me with the kind of proof of parental derangement that I recently bestowed upon my kids. ...more


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