Potty Mouth

When I set out to potty train my first child, I received a lot of advice. I was told that I should bring my daughter to the bathroom with me so she could learn by watching me. This wasn't a new concept at our house. I couldn't remember a time when I used the bathroom alone. At this rate, she should be an expert. I bought a pack of training pants, and figured potty training would be easy....more

Color Coordinated Mortification – Mommy Style

 Search and Destroy reporting for duty! Tonight’s target mission: mommy’s sanity.I *thought* I was having a rather put together day. Productive even. I finished up part of the project I was working on and strolled on out of the office right on time. When I got to the preschool, I strutted across the parking lot – exuding confidence....more
LOL! I think we have all had those days! It was very smart of you to coordinate the whole look ;)more

Middle School Madness

Raising a 13 year old has proven to be a really hard job. It’s wonderful, don’t get me wrong. But it’s challenging as well. Here’s this brilliant person you’ve raised since the beginning. And over time they are changing because that’s what happens when kids grow up. Soon, they are thrust into the in-between world of Middle School, surrounded by other in-betweeners who are all growing at different rates and reasons. Put them together, and suddenly a world of Awkwardness is created....more

But you survived! That totally gives me hope! ;-)more

Showing a Little Humility (AKA: I Like You More if You Blush)

A few years ago I was in a nice restaurant and forgot to cover my mouth when I laughed (I didn't want to show my teeth because the glue on my braces had badly discolored and my teeth looked stained since they were covered with the glue), and the waiter thought it was sweet that I blushed. I told him my temporary "glue" situation was mortifying to me even though I'm a reasonably confident person. It wasn't a blunder as such but he told me not to blush and that I looked "fabulous"!  Bless his heart!...more

Embarrassed to Blog?

I've discovered something interesting about myself since I started blogging back in December.  It embarrasses me.  I don't want everyday people knowing about it.  How weird is that? ...more
I know exactly how you feel! I have a personal blog on the go right now and only my husband and ...more

From zits to wrinkles, freckles to fungus...REALLY?????

I'm All for Botox,wrinkle cremes and whatever else may or may not work to keep women looking ...more

What’s in Your Couch?

I am on a mission to find my camera. I was using it last night, but in the space of twelve hours it has completely disappeared. This is no surprise to me. My house is a disaster. There are clothes (clean and dirty) in every room. Toys are scattered in the living room and I don’t even want to fathom how many hours it will take me to get our bedroom organized much less the rest of the house....more

Crouching Cleaning Lady Hidden Scrub Brush


I know! I know! I spend so much time just cleaning off surfaces so the cleaning crew can ...more

If Mom Says OK: I don't wanna stop

Sometimes I don’t know what comes over me, but I just have to try to embarrass my kid. Not a “spit clean food off his face in the mall food court” kind of embarrassment. But, “”singing in the car” or “dancing in the living room” kind of embarrassment. Read the rest at If Mom Says OK. ...more

That's hilarious... I'll have to try that sometime.